How to attach or change bbq gas bottles

How to change LPG gas cylinder-bottle and connect or disconnect a BBQ regulator…

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"How To" and operating instructions for attaching, detaching or changing a BBQ gas bottle with a POL valve & regulator.

How to Attach or Change Your BBQ Gas Bottle

Changing a BBQ gas bottle is easy, once you know how. 

If you are new to changing gas bottles, this page should get you going!

What's what?

LPG or Propane?

In Australia, LPG is Propane. 

Same thing, so no worries.

Gas Bottle or Gas Cylinder?

Same thing again, so still no worries!   

BBQ Gas Bottle Size should be either 8.5kg (9kg) or 3.7kg (4kg).

BBQ Valve

The standard BBQ valve in Australia is a POL Valve

Other countries use other types of valves. 

The valve includes the gas valve hand wheel and a female opening where the POL regulator is screwed in.

Gas Valve Hand Wheel

Used to turn the gas bottle ON and OFF

Gas Regulator

Controls the pressure of the gas going from the bottle to the BBQ or patio heater.

POL regulators are used in Australia and are usually supplied with the BBQ. 

Please note that the regulator has a reverse or 'left handed' thread.

Gas Hose

Attached to the regulator on one end and the BBQ or heater on the other end. 

These can become damaged or deteriorate with age. 

You should replace it if it shows any signs of being faulty. 

It is good practice to replace the entire regulator and hose assembly, if it is old enough for the hose to have deteriorated, as regulators also wear with age. 

Please also see:  Gas BBQ Regulator & Hose Problems

CAUTION:  Never open the valve on an unattached gas bottle even if you think it is empty.

Removing Gas Cylinder from BBQ - How to Remove Regulator from Gas Cylinder - Bottle


If your BBQ bottle is empty, just follow these simple steps to detach and remove it:

1.  Make sure the Gas Valve Hand Wheel is turned OFF (Clockwise)

2.  Detach the regulator by turning the Regulator Hand Wheel clockwise (reverse thread).  

Be aware and careful, as a small amount of gas remaining in the regulator and hose may be released when you detach the regulator.

3.  Lift the empty bottle off of the mounting hook or out of its holder/shelf, depending of your BBQ. 

4.  Take the empty gas bottle to your nearest SWAP'n'GO location to exchange for a full one.

NOTE: These instructions only apply to gas bottles with POL valves

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How to Attach Gas Cylinder to BBQ - Attaching Your BBQ Gas Bottle

Once you have a full replacement gas bottle, just proceed as follows:

1.  Position the BBQ gas bottle on the handle mounting hook or in its holder/shelf, depending on your BBQ or heater.  

The gas bottle should ALWAYS be kept upright. 

Your gas bottle must NEVER hang by the gas hose.

2.  Remove any dust cover or plug that may be inside or over the female valve opening, where the regulator screws in.  

Please note that, if it is a screwed-in plug, you must turn it clockwise to remove it (reverse thread). 

3.  Inspect the regulator and hose for any damage. 

Some regulators have rubber O-rings on the connector. 

The O-ring should also be undamaged. 

The connector should be clean and dirt free prior to insertion.

4.  Screw the regulator into the valve opening by turning Regulator Hand Wheel anti-clockwise (reverse thread). 

Tighten well by hand only. 

Make sure the gas hose is not kinked. 

5.  Without turning on the BBQ, open the Gas Valve Hand Wheel to turn on the gas (anti-clockwise). 

Spray the entire regulator, valve and gas hose with soapy water to check for any possible leaks. 

You will see bubbles or smell gas if there is a leak. 

If you have a leak, you should immediately turn the gas off (clockwise) and fix or replace the leaking component.

For more detailed instructions, please see BBQ Gas Leak Test

6.  Assuming you have no leaks, you are ready to use your BBQ or patio heater. 

Turning the gas bottle ON a couple of turns is sufficient. 

You should not turn it hard to the open stop.

7.  Remember, when you are finished with your BBQ or patio heater, you should always turn off the gas at the gas bottle first.

Close firmly by hand only.

NOTE: These instructions only apply to gas bottles with POL valves

Please also see our BBQ FAQs for more BBQ gas information

Inserting a BBQ regulator into a BBQ gas bottle
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 Do not hang a BBQ gas bottle by the regulator hose!
Do not hang from hose
Leak test for BBQ gas bottles
Check for leaks with soapy water

NOTE: The aforementioned instructions are applicable to POL valves, as used in Australia. 

If you live in another country, your gas bottles may be fitted with a different type of valve and these instructions would not be applicable to you.