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We’ve got you covered at home

Supply of instantaneous hot water, provision of heating for the home and cooking with gas are all regarded as essentials. No matter where you live or make your living, seamless and consistent access to LPG shouldn’t be a worry. We’ve got you covered so you can put your energy where it matters most.

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Buying or Renting a New Home

Whether you are buying or renting a new home with LPG, we can get you quickly set up for cooking, home heating or supply of hot water.

Call your local branch on 131 161 to find out how we can help you get started.


Switching Suppliers

Switching from your current LPG supplier and having one of our local friendly branches or agents supply your LPG, is easier than you think.

Call 131 161 for a quote.


Building or Renovating

Cooking with gas, enjoying the ambience of a gas log fire and having your hot water instantaneously heated, is all possible off-grid with LPG.

We have a range of household LPG appliances and installation options to suit your new home.


LPG Products & Services

At Elgas, our LPG is convenient, efficient and sustainable. We have a range of modern energy efficient LPG appliances available at our online store with easy payment plans. Alternative onsite storage options are also available.

24/7 Account Access & Support

At Elgas we understand that our customers may want support at any time of the day. We have local call centres and 24/7 back up telephony support, all with friendly customer service officers ready to answer your questions. A My Account App & online portal allows you to manage your account online whenever you want.

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Why Elgas for LPG?

Elgas rewards customers with great offers on LPG, no signup contracts, access to household appliances with easy payment plans and 24/7 telephony support with secure online My Account access.

We welcome all new customers with $80 of account credits*. Easy online signup, or call one of our customer service officers on 131 161.


Why Choose Elgas?


Certainty of Supply

With the strongest supply chain and most extensive network in Australia, you can be assured we have your gas supply covered.


Trusted Specialist Support

Over 35 years of expertise in providing individuals and communities across Australia.


Help When It Really Counts

Access to support when and where your community needs it, from grass roots sports to disaster relief.


Safe As Gas Gets

Safety is our number one priority across every link of the supply chain. Our standards and protocols ensure there is never any risk of any compromise on safety.


Easy LPG Supply Tools

24/7 telephony and online assistance, as well as access to digital tools (MyAccount App for residential customers).