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EasyGas Effortless LPG Home Gas Supply

  • We monitor your gas usage & schedule tanker LPG refill deliveries*
  • No more checking your LPG gas bottles for home
  • No more calling to order domestic LPG refill
  • No more changing over LPG gas bottles or re-igniting pilot lights
  • Great residential home gas suppliers at very competitive LPG domestic 45 kg gas bottle refill price
  • New customers save with great deals on LPG
  • Reliable home gas suppliers of bottled gas with 45kg LPG gas bottles for home automatically delivered
  • The perfect easy-to-use choice for new users of home LPG
  • New to LPG? See Everything You Need to Know About LPG Gas
  • $0 Upfront Payments (OAC). Getting started with domestic bottled gas is quick and easy.

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Reliable Out of Sight LPG Gas Supply

Why not go a step further…

You can choose to upgrade your home with EasyGas DownUnder™ underground LPG gas bottle storage.

Your LPG gas bottle is hidden, safe, fire resistant and you get automatic LPG refill deliveries.

EasyGas DownUnder Advantages

  • Your LPG gas bottle is stored safely underground and out of sight
  • Effortless LPG™ with Automatic LPG Refill Home Deliveries
  • We monitor your LPG bottled gas usage and schedule deliveries, as needed
  • You get direct LPG refills from our tanker truck to your LPG gas bottle
  • No more checking LPG gas bottle or having to call to order LPG refill
  • There’s no more replacement or changeover of LPG gas bottle
  • Modern EasyGas LPG refill tankers and a comprehensive safety program
  • It saves usable yard space and facilitates zero lot line installations
  • Suitable for both new and retro-fit applications in both residential and commercial settings
  • Your underground LPG gas bottle is located close to the street for easy, hassle-free delivery
  • Placement underground and a flame retardant lid provide added safety against bush fires

Call your local branch now on 131 161 to discuss this great LPG option

EasyGas DownUnder™ installations are limited to select areas in Australia

EasyGas DownUnder TM
EasyGas Downunder Lid
LPG Gas Refill Delivery

How Automatic Tanker LPG Gas Refill Delivery Works

  • We supply domestic LPG gas bottles for home in various LPG gas bottle sizes.
  • Elgas EasyGas® LPG supply includes the supply of the right gas bottle sizes for your home.
  • LPG Gas bottle sizes may include 45kg, 90kg, 190kg or 210kg LPG gas bottles, depending on your needs
  • No checking or ordering LPG gas bottle for home refills with Automatic Tanker LPG Gas Refill Delivery*
  • We monitor your gas usage & schedule tanker LPG refill deliveries
  • A local ELGAS LPG tanker driver will visit your home and safely refill your LPG gas bottles


¹Terms & Conditions Apply
*We inspect the LPG gas bottle location, truck line-of-sight and safe street access at your home, as conditions must meet tanker LPG refill delivery safety requirements.
There is no charge for this home LPG gas bottle safety inspection.
For those homes that do not meet the requirements, or in areas where we do not offer tanker LPG refill delivery, we provide our LPG gas bottle Exchange Service.

Why choose ELGAS?

Australia’s largest LPG provider

Easy online ordering

Free and reliable doorstep delivery from a branch near you*

Flexible plans to suit your needs

24/7 telephone and online assistance

*Delivery charges may apply for some select ELGAS Branches and Agents. Call your local ELGAS Team on 131 161 to confirm.

Comparing LPG Suppliers

Comparing LPG Suppliers

We provide a comprehensive guide for consumers comparing LPG suppliers. This guide emphasises the importance of safety, reliability, credibility, delivery options, and support for new LPG users. Choosing a supplier that values customer feedback, maintains a reliable local presence, and operates without contracts is beneficial. Additional advantages include 24/7 live support for larger gas bottle sizes and the availability of online or mobile app functionalities.

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