New Update to SWAP’n’GO Bottles 2021

SWAP’n’GO LPG cylinders have been powering Aussie barbeques and outdoor heaters for a generation, and this year we are making a small change to the connection valve of our cylinders to further improve safety.

This new valve will look a little different but don’t worry, it still functions with existing barbeques and outdoor heaters just as easily as before.

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SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles – SWAP’n’GO BBQ Gas Bottle Refill • 9kg & 4kg

SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles are Fast, Safe & Easy

You can swap your empty 9kg or 4kg gas bottle for a full one with SWAP’n’GO gas bottles. Available at over 5,000 dealers, SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are fast safe and easy to swap. You don’t have to wait around to get your gas bottle refilled. You get another new or refurbished gas bottle that is yours to keep.

Buy new SWAP’n’GO gas bottles, swap any brand of the empty bottle for a full bottle or swap BBQ gas bottle sizes. The 9kg BBQ gas bottle is the larger bottle, filled with 8.5kg. The 4kg BBQ gas bottle is a smaller size, filled with 3.7kg, and available with a POL or Camper valve.

No waiting for your gas bottle refill with SWAP’n’GO gas bottle exchange. Get an ‘instant gas bottle refill’ for your 9kg or 4kg gas bottle. You just swap and go (swap & go gas) with your patio BBQ gas bottle.

SWAP’n’GO® BBQ gas bottle refill comes in 8.5kg & 3.7kg gas bottle refill sizes and you can exchange any brand of 9kg* or 4kg* gas bottle, even if expired. SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refills are all leak tested and have their expiry dates checked.

When you get your SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill, you don’t have to worry about checking test dates when you swap, as SWAP’n’GO gas bottles will always be in-date and you own the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle you received.

Sale bottles are available for purchase without needing a trade-in.

Digital scales are used for SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill, to ensure accuracy.


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SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles come in 9kg* and 4kg* sizes. The small 4kg size is portable and especially good for camping and patio gas bottle. You just swap and go with your SWAP’n’GO gas bottles – Fast, Safe & Easy.

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles contain liquid and gas, as LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – liquefies under relatively low pressure.

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are steel vessels for storing BBQ gas, which is propane.

SWAP’n’GO gas bottle dimensions vary, as there are many manufacturers of gas bottles, so sizes and dimensions may vary significantly.

9kg Gas Bottle

A 9kg gas bottle is considered the standard size BBQ gas bottle and is roughly equivalent to a 20 lb propane tank. 9kg represents the nominal weight of the gas contents. A 9kg gas bottle weighs approximately 17.5 kg when full, so it is very portable.


Swap Any 9kg* or 4kg* BBQ Gas Bottle Refill

♦ SWAP’n’GO® is fast!

♦ SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are local!

♦ No wasted time or petrol driving out of your way

♦ Help is at the ready!

♦ 4kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles with regular & Camper Valves

♦ No waiting to refill gas bottle at a petrol station

♦ Swap for a fresh BBQ gas bottle refill every time

♦ The 4kg or 9kg LPG SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are yours to keep

♦ Thousands of SWAP’n’GO gas bottles outlets, city and country

♦ Swap any brand of BBQ bottle at SWAP’n’GO.

♦ Receive an inspected, tested and safe SWAP’n’GO gas bottles refill.

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♦ You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are always in date.

♦ See our BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes page for 4kg & 9kg gas bottle size information

♦ SWAP’n’GO gas bottles comply with all Australian Standards for Caravan Gas Bottles


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SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices (swap and go gas bottle prices)

Gas Bottle Sizes
SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices
Low Range*
SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices
Upper Range*
8.5 kg gas bottle swap price Mid $20s Low $40s
3.7 kg gas bottle swap price ≈$20 Mid $30s
8.5 kg gas bottle swap prices vary as they are set independently by the dealers and are indicative only.
Some 8.5 kg gas bottle swap prices may be outside of these ranges, particularly in remote areas.

At the time of this writing, typical SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) range from the mid $20s to the low $40s for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price*.

SWAP’n’GO prices (swap and go gas prices) vary because SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refills are sold by independent dealers who set their own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price.

Elgas does not have a SWAP’n’GO Recommended Retail Price – RRP – meaning the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) are totally under the control of the dealers.

For this reason, it may pay to shop around for the cheapest gas bottle refill or 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price, as SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) can vary quite a bit, as previously mentioned.

“Swap and Go Prices” is just another way to say “SWAP’n’GO prices” but SWAP’n’GO® is the registered trademark. So, when you search for Swap and Go gas bottle prices (swap & go gas) you will still get the same information.

*SWAP’n’GO® gas bottle prices for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price as of July 2019


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Find your nearest SWAP’n’GO dealer¹ without even having to click


*Actual fill of a “9kg” gas bottle refill is 8.5kg. The actual fill of a “4kg” gas bottle refill is 3.7kg

¹NOTE: SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refills (patio gas bottle) are sold by independent dealers who set their own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices). Please see SWAP’n’GO Prices (swap and go prices) for information on SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices.



Now that you have BBQ gas…

16 BBQ Cooking Tips for Great Grilling

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1. Ice it, Cook it or Eat it

Keep it clean and keep it cold until you cook it or eat it.

Makes sure you have enough ice.

Have enough dishes so there is no cross-contamination between uncooked and cooked meats.

Practice good food safety and preparation.


2. Oil Me Up!

You should always season the grill.

Pre-heat the clean grill and coat with cooking oil, using a brush or spray.

Close the grill and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes then wipe the grill clean with a fresh damp cloth.

The concept is the same as the seasoning of a cast iron fry pan.


3. To Be or Not to Be Open… That is the Question

So, how do you position the BBQ lid?

Just as some things are cooked on the kitchen cooktop and some in the oven, the type of food you are cooking will determine if you leave the BBQ lid up or down.

Generally speaking, do what you would do if you were cooking indoors.


4. Now We’re Cooking – Outside In

Steaks, burgers, and veggies, that need to be seared or cooked from the outside inward, should be placed directly over the burners.

A little olive oil brushed on the steak will prevent it from sticking.

Do NOT use salt on the meat before cooking, as it draws out the moisture and makes the meat dry.

If you do salt it as you start cooking, use coarse salt to get a nice salty crust.

A bit of coarse black pepper can be nice, too.


5. Stunning Striped Steaks

Always pre-heat the grill and take the meat out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before cooking.

Sear the meat for 90 seconds on high heat and then rotate it 1/8 of a turn (45 degrees) and sear again.

This will give it an attractive crosshatch pattern, assuming you are not cooking on a flat plate grill, and help seal in the natural juices.

Remember to reduce heat to normal cooking temperature after searing.


6. I Need My Space

You should only turn the meat once. Be patient!

The meat needs room, too. Don’t overcrowd the grill or it can heat unevenly.

There should be at least 2cm between the pieces of meat.

Also, make sure you have enough gas so that the cooking session is uninterrupted.


7. No Poking, Prodding or Mashing

To retain the natural juices, don’t poke holes in the meat.

No forks!

This includes piercing the sausage skins.

Use long-handled tongs or spatulas instead of forks.

Also, don’t mash down on meat and burgers, as it forces out the natural juices and leaves you with dried out meat.


8. Leave Me Alone… I’m Resting

Let your grilled meat “rest” for five minutes after cooking, covered loosely with foil, to ensure more tender and juicy results.

Letting the meat rest also applies to roasts and other cooked meats, as well.


9. Slow Cooking – Inside Out

Whole chickens, roasts, and most fish fillets require indirect heat.

Try preheating the grill with all burners then, when the grill is hot, turn off one side of the grill, put the slow cooking food over the unlit burners and close the lid.

In effect, it becomes an oven. This will help cook the meat evenly, browning it while keeping it juicy and tender.

Use a meat thermometer, where appropriate, to determine when it is done.


10. Pouch Protector Preparation

You can use aluminium foil to create little cooking pouches for delicate foods, like fish fillets.

Cook away from the lit burners or place the pouch on the warming rack, if you have one.

Be careful not to puncture the foil when lifting it off the grill.


11. Warm & Wonderful

You can toast bread, cook delicate foods or just keep cooked food warm by using your warming rack.


12. I’m Smokin’!!!

Wood chip smoke can enhance the flavour of your food.

You put the wood chips in a steel smoker box or in a small aluminium foil tray within the BBQ.

Hickory is a good all-around choice if you are just starting.

Smoker boxes and wood chips can be found at BBQ specialty stores. Follow the wood chip supplier’s instructions.


13. Leftover Pizza?

Did you know that a gas grill is the perfect way to reheat pizza?

Just set the BBQ on low, preheat, put the pizza directly on the grill and close the lid.

Heat until cheese starts to melt.

You will get more even heating with the lid down.

Check frequently to avoid overcooking.


14. Flare-Up? Lid Down!

Use lean cuts of meat and/or trim away the fat to reduce the chance of flare-ups.

Make sure the grease tray is empty before you start, too. Very high temperatures should also be avoided.

However, if it does happen, flip down the grill lid and turn OFF all burners and the gas bottle, if safe to do so.

When the flare-up is over, you can resume cooking.

NEVER spray water on BBQ flare-ups or on any grease fire.


15. Marvelous Marinated Meat

For more intense or varied flavours, consider using meat marinades.

You marinate the meat before you BBQ, as instructed by the marinade maker or recipe.

You can use large freezer bags for marinating.

Just put in the meat and marinade, seal and shake. Refrigerate, shaking it occasionally, until you’re ready to BBQ.

Make sure you drain off any excess marinade before cooking and do NOT pour it over the meat while cooking.


16. A Little Something on the Side

If your BBQ is equipped with a side burner, you can use it just like a kitchen cooktop.

This adds to the selection of dishes you can choose to cook outdoors.


Watch this short 2:56 video for some amazing BBQ cleaning tips including the ‘Great Steam Trick’!

Easy Way How to Clean BBQ Grill – Gus Shares Tricks & Tips on BBQ Cleaning

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