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SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Dealers

New Update to SWAP’n’GO Bottles

SWAP’n’GO LPG cylinders have been powering Aussie barbeques and outdoor heaters for a generation, and we have recently made a small change to the connection valve of our cylinders to further improve safety.

This new valve will look a little different but don’t worry, it still functions with existing barbeques and outdoor heaters just as easily as before.

How The SWAP’n’GO Program Works

As the name suggests, our SWAP’n’GO program is all about swapping over your empty gas bottle with a full one, and off you go! No waiting around for someone to manually refill your gas bottle.

You can swap your empty 9kg or 4kg gas bottle for a full one at over 6,000 dealers across Australia.

If you don’t have an empty gas bottle to swap over, or would like an extra gas bottle on standby at home, you can buy a new full gas bottle from any of our dealers to get you underway in the SWAP’n’GO program.

The 9kg BBQ gas bottle is the larger bottle filled with 8.5kg of LPG. The smaller 4kg gas bottle is filled with 3.7kg of LPG.

Enjoy the many advantages of the SWAP’n’GO program today!

  • No need to worry about expiry dates, they are all checked for you
  • All SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are refurbished and leak tested
  • Weights and Measures approved digital refilling scales ensure you get a full gas bottle everytime
  • The SWAP’n’GO program incorporates the latest valve connections to suit new appliances

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At Elgas, we work with leading manufactures to bring you the major brands of outdoor leisure appliances, for your enjoyment all year round.

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