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Australia’s largest supplier of LPG

More than 350,000 Australian homes and businesses rely on ELGAS for their LPG energy supplies. That’s why we take continuity of supply so seriously and why we built the largest LPG storage facility in the Southern Hemisphere – the ELGAS Cavern – with more than 65,000t of LPG ensuring security of supply for all ELGAS customers. Thanks to the ELGAS Cavern, we now have 60 days of LPG contingency reserves to meet demand following a major or unplanned disruption to local (domestic) production.

  • 60 days cover from 68,000t of LPG contingency inventories
  • Diversified LPG supply chains
  • Proven management systems and national logistics capability
  • Australia’s largest LPG transport fleet

Equipment maintenance and testing

ELGAS is an industry leader in safety and compliance, with company specific software developed to oversee the recording, management and maintenance of all LPG storage assets in accordance with strict internal standards that exceed regulatory obligations.

A dedicated national maintenance team comprises experienced and qualified engineers who, in conjunction with industry leading professional contractors, are responsible for site installations as well as maintenance, compliance and quality assurance across ELGAS operations in Australia.

A national maintenance hotline activates national support services, with an internal national emergency response procedure in place to ensure 24/7 network security and integrity.

Equipment maintenance

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