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Safe and reliable LPG for hospitality and tourism businesses

In a country as big as Australia and in a world where consumer reviews can make or break a hospitality and tourism business, safe and reliable energy is a necessity for tens of thousands of off-grid operators.  Businesses across the country have been relying on LPG for hospitality and tourism needs like hot water, heating and cooking .

Major Uses of LPG for hospitality and tourism needs

LPG at Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks

From indoor to outdoor heating, cooking, hot water, caravan parks continue to use LPG for a range of functions. With negligible NOx particles, high calorific value and near complete combustion, LPG is a clean and highly cost effective fuel of choice for caravan parks across the country.

LPG for Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Most street food vehicles rely on the efficient, economical and relatively low carbon footprint of LPG in comparison to other conventional fuels like Diesel. Uses include but are not limited to cooking, heating and power generation.

LPG at Outdoor Events

Make-shift/Off-grid Event Venues

LPG continues to serve as an excellent power source for off-grid venues and make-shift event arrangements. Easily stored and transported, LPG can help with set-ups quickly. It is especially beneficial for tourist and hospitality focused events than don’t have access to traditional power sources like electricity and piped natural gas.

Looking for an LPG solution for your business?

Opt-in carbon neutral LPG for homes and businesses

Climate Active certification is an important step for ELGAS and our customers as we make the transition to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

As Australia’s largest supplier of LPG, we understand our responsibility to find renewable alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources while reducing our emissions - and the emissions of our customers - at the same time.

When you choose an opt-in carbon neutral LPG plan for your home or business, ELGAS will offset the carbon emissions of your LPG use. And by choosing an opt-in carbon neutral plan, you can play an important part in achieving Net Zero - today and into the future.

Why Choose ELGAS for your business?

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