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LPG in light industrial businesses

High grade Industrial LPG for small & medium enterprises

With an increased focus on end consumers and lesser capital,  LPG continues to power several light industries like paper, textile, jewellery and leather among others. If you are an enterprise in the light industries space and are looking to explore the benefits of Industrial LPG, reach ELGAS for an expert analysis on how LPG could help achieve desired outcomes for your business.

LPG flame for molding glass

Glass and Ceramics

When it comes to passing glass through a flame for smoothing edges, improving luster or sealing cracks- industrial LPG provides superior temperature control and precision.

LPG for textile manufacturing


Industrial LPG’s versality allows for it’s use across the textile manufacturing process right from hot fabric baths, to hot dyes to loose thread burning and steam ironing at the final stage

LPG for timber drying & preservation


Efficiently dry out moisture from timber with LPG due to easy temperature control. Industrial LPG can also be used as a solvent for various wood preservation processes.

LPG for commercial food and baking

Baking and Cooking

LPG heats up quickly, reducing cooking times and energy consumption, this also provides precise temperature control, enabling consistent cooking and baking results. 

LPG in aerosol sprays


Thanks to no ozone depleting properties of industrial LPG, it is an excellent environmentally friendly choice for aerosol sprays (instead of ozone impacting CFC gases).

LPG for paper making


Industrial LPG powered drying during several stages of the paper making process is more economical, manageable, cleaner and suitable for small set-ups.

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