As safe as LPG gets

ELGAS is committed to the safety of our customers, the communities in which we work, our people and the environment.

We offer round the clock support for emergencies

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Call 1800 819 793

Our commitment to safety

Commitment to LPG Safety

Our goal is to get Everyone Home Safely, every day. This includes our people, contractors, customers, and the community. We’ll focus on preventing injuries and ill-health to provide a safe and healthy workplace. We’ll also play our part as a responsible business by meeting our environmental responsibilities and adopting sustainable practices, making our world more productive. By working together and taking care of each other we can get Everyone Home Safely:

We are prepared for emergency situations anytime, anywhere We will help and train customers in the safe handling and use of LPG, and support them whenever an emergency situation arises Our team of professional engineers and experienced technical managers are ready to assist with the design, installation and servicing of all ELGAS equipment We focus on quality principles, values and responsibilities that advance our ability to always deliver products and services that safely and reliably meet customer expectations

Being safe with LPG

LPG is an extremely flammable, liquified gas stored under pressure in gas cylinders and/or tanks. It is used as a residential, commercial and light industrial energy source. 




Forklift LPG Safety

ELGAS business customers who rely on LPG for their forklift fleets need to follow strict rules to safely refill and/or exchange LPG cylinders.

Safe forklift LPG cylinder refilling

Safe forklift LPG cylinder exchange

Safe forklift LPG cylinder decanting

Safe LPG cylinder decanting

Safe handling of BBQ bottles

ELGAS – through SWAP’n’GO – has been powering outdoor Aussie barbeques, heaters and camp stoves for generations.

Leak detection

Storage and installation

Food safety

Cyclones, floods & bushfires

The ELGAS Emergency Helpline is staffed by trained professionals and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Call 1800 819 783 for gas leaks or any emergency.

Cyclone and floods


Keeping your home and business safe

From gas leaks to what to do in a fire or flood, our LPG Safety eBook is here to prepare you for an emergency. For businesses, our local technical team is available to provide your staff with emergency response safety training.