Committed to a
sustainable future

ELGAS is committed to working with our customers, industry and government as we transition to a decarbonised Net Zero economy by 2050. As Australia’s largest supplier of LPG, we understand our responsibility to find renewable alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources while reducing our emissions – and the emissions of our customers – at the same time.

Our vision for a sustainable future

ELGAS is committed to delivering low carbon, renewable energy solutions and playing a leadership role in the transition to Net Zero emissions.


We will reduce emissions by 38% by 2028


We will produce 100% renewable LPG by 2040


We will reach carbon neutrality (Net Zero) by 2050

Our pathway to Net Zero

ELGAS is actively transitioning it’s LPG supply from a fossil fuel sourced from oil and gas wells to a renewable energy source.

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  • Carbon neutral
    pricing 2022
  • Blend renewable
    gases 2025
  • 100% renewable
    LPG 2040

Looking for carbon neutral LPG for your business?

Go Carbon Neutral with ELGAS

An important part of our sustainability journey toward Net Zero emissions is the offer of carbon neutral plans to our customers.

When a customer chooses carbon neutral LPG, the greenhouse emissions produced by using LPG can be offset. This offset is achieved by purchasing carbon credits that are equal to the emissions produced from supplying and consuming the LPG.

By choosing carbon neutral LPG from ELGAS, our customers are joining us in taking positive steps to make a difference.

Opt-in carbon neutral LPG for homes and businesses

What is renewable LPG?

Renewable LPG (rLPG) is chemically identical to fossil LPG and is 100% compatible with existing supply networks and end-use infrastructure. rLPG has a carbon footprint up to 80% lower than conventional LPG and has the potential to become carbon neutral depending on the feedstock and investment in developing new production processes.

rLPG results in substantially reduced carbon, particulates and NOx emissions compared to solid and liquid fossil fuels. Compared to biomethane and hydrogen, rLPG liquifies at a lower pressure at room temperature, which allows for more convenient, cost-effective distribution and storage in off-grid applications.

Sustainable development and climate change position

ELGAS is a subsidiary of Linde, a leading global industrial gases and engineering company, and helps customers worldwide improve their environmental performance and reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, we are committed to minimizing our own environmental resource intensity, including for energy, water and waste. We manage performance through a sustainable development management system with KPIs and targets that are applicable to global operations and our value chain.