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FAQs for SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Refill Exchange and SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices)…

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SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions

SWAP’n’GO® Gas Bottle Prices

The following are frequently asked questions about SWAP’n’GO® gas bottles, BBQ gas bottle refill, LPG gas cylinder exchange and SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) from customers and online forums.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to send us an Online Enquiry.

Questions that have general interest, and the answers, will be added to this FAQ page.


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SWAP’n’GO® Gas Bottles: SWAP’n’GO Prices (swap and go prices or swap & go prices) – Questions

SWAP’n’GO® Gas Bottle Prices (Swap and Go Gas Bottle Prices – Swap and Go Gas Prices)

SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices (swap and go gas bottle prices or swap & go prices)

Gas Bottle Sizes
SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices
Low Range*
SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottle Prices
Upper Range*
8.5 kg gas bottle swap price Mid $20s Low $40s
3.7 kg gas bottle swap price ≈$20 Mid $30s
8.5 kg gas bottle swap price vary as they are set independently by the dealers and are indicative only.
Some 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price may be outside of these ranges, particularly in remote areas.

How much for swap and go gas prices (swap and go gas prices)?

At the time of this writing, typical SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) range from the mid $20s to the low $40s for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price*.

SWAP’n’GO prices (swap and go gas prices or swap & go prices) vary because SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refills are sold by independent dealers who set there own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price.

Elgas does not have a SWAP’n’GO Recommended Retail Price – RRP – meaning the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) are totally under the control of the dealers.

For this reason, it may pay to shop around for the cheapest gas bottle refill or 8.5 kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles price, as SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices (swap and go gas bottle prices) can vary quite a bit, as previously mentioned.

“Swap and Go Prices or Swap & Go Prices” is just another way to say “SWAP’n’GO prices” but SWAP’n’GO® is the registrered trademark. So, when you search for Swap and Go gas bottle prices you will still get the same information.

*SWAP’n’GO® gas bottle bottle prices for 8.5 kg gas bottle swap price as at July 2019


BBQ Gas Refill Prices – 8.5 kg BBQ Gas Bottle Swap Price

Gas refill dealers, like the local service station, are also independent. So, BBQ gas refill prices and 8.5 kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles swap price are also set independently by the dealers.

Once again, this makes it wise to shop around to get the cheapest gas bottle refill.

SWAP’n’GO prices (swap and go gas prices) are a bit more than for just plain refilling. The simple reason is that you are getting much more than just the gas bottle refill. Also, no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station.

The SWAP’n’GO prices (swap and go prices) reflect this added value.

Please see 10 Reasons Why SWAP’n’GO is Better than Refilling


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New to SWAP’n’GO – SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles Questions

Please see What is LPG?


SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are faster

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are safer

No waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles refills are always in date

You know it has been filled correctly and double leak checked.

Swap any 9kg or 4kg BBQ gas bottle sizes at your local SWAP’n’GO® gas bottles outlet

Please also see 10 Reasons Why Swap is Better than Refilling


No problem. You can purchase a full SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill without a trade-in at any of our convenient SWAP’n’GO Locations.


Propane? LPG? What’s what? Also… What is Propane Gas?


No, the SWAP’n’GO gas bottles size is not an issue as long as it is fitted with a POL valve.

However, an undersized gas bottle (patio gas bottle) will not last very long in actual use.

An 8.5kg BBQ gas bottle is recommended for most BBQs.


Yes, when you purchase or swap a gas bottle refill from us, you own the SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle you receive.

Also, you are free to choose swap or refill when it is empty.

Please see Why SWAP’n’GO


When you purchase or swap at SWAP’n’GO you own the SWAP’n’GO gas bottles.

Unfortunately, there is no basis for issuing a refund.

You might consider giving your BBQ gas bottle to family or friends.

Local clubs that do sausage sizzle fund raising would also appreciate the donation.

You can also dispose of them at a local council recycling centre or you can leave the BBQ gas bottle at your nearest SWAP’n’GO depot.


Swap any 9kg or 4kg BBQ gas bottle at your local SWAP’n’GO® outlet


SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles: BBQ Gas Bottle & BBQ Gas Regulator Questions

9kg Gas Bottle

A 9kg gas bottle is considered the standard size BBQ gas bottle and is roughly equivalent to a 20 lb propane tank. 9kg represents the nominal weight of the gas contents. A 9kg gas bottle weighs approximately 17.5 kg when full, so it is very portable.


Please see Are BBQ Gas Bottles 9kg or 8.5kg?


How much does a 9kg gas bottle weigh when full?

A 9kg gas bottle weighs 16.3–19.0 kg* when full. The weight variation is in the empty 9kg gas bottle weight, do to manufacturing variances. 9kg refers to the weight of the contents only.

How much a 9kg gas bottle weighs when full depends on the tare weight (empty weight), which can vary. The tare weight plus the 9kg contents weight equals the 9kg gas bottle weight when full. So, let’s assume the tare weight is 8.2kg (just an example), then a 9kg gas bottle weight when full is: 9 + 8.2 = 17.2kg.

Just read the actual tare weight off of the neck ring. Tare weight is labelled as TW in the accompanying image of a neck ring stamp. How much does a 9kg gas bottle weigh when full just requires some simple addition.

Some simple addition answers the question regarding how much a 9kg gas bottle weighs when full.

*9kg gas bottle weights shown are approximate.

The weight range of 9kg gas bottle empty weight is 7.8kg to 10.4kg. The 9kg gas bottle empty weight, or tare weight, is stamped on the neck ring of the bottle. As there are many manufacturers of 9kg gas bottles, gas bottle sizes and gas bottle dimensions vary significantly.

To calculate the full weight, you add 8.5kg to the empty (tare) weight of the bottle and the total is the full weight.

Full Weight – Tare Weight = Gas Remaining


Please see Gas BBQ Gas Regulator & Hose


Every SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill is precision filled, on a digital scale, to either 8.5kg (large bottles) or 3.7kg (medium bottles) and leak tested by Elgas technicians.

Look for the yellow seal on the neck of the BBQ gas bottle which indicates that it has been quality checked and filled to safe industry standards by Elgas SWAP’n’GO.


Is LPG the Same as Calor Gas

Calor Gas is a brand of LPG selling butane and propane in Britain and Ireland. So, for those of you from either Britain or Ireland, The propane patio gas you used there is the same as LPG here. LPG is propane here.

A Primus gas bottle is a BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle) fitted with a Primus valve.

These are not very common and are not offered as part of the SWAP’n’GO programme.

“How To” and other SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles Refill Supply Questions

Watch this short 2:56 video for some amazing BBQ cleaning tips including the ‘Great Steam Trick’!

Easy Way How to Clean BBQ Grill – Gus Shares Tricks & Tips on BBQ Cleaning


Swapping with SWAP’n’GO gas bottles is quick and easy:

Please see How to Swap BBQ Gas Bottles


For detailed instructions with illustrations, please see :

How To Attach and Operate Your BBQ Gas Bottle

How Long Will a 9kg Gas Bottle Last

A 9kg gas bottle will last about 7 to 8 days cooking a meal a day on a 4 burner BBQ grill, assuming a one hour cook time per meal. A 9kg gas bottle (patio gas) will last about 29 hours, when cooking with a small 2 burner compact BBQ used on high. It will last even longer on lower settings or if only one burner is turned on.

It really depends on the gas burner and gas consumption rating of the BBQ or patio heater being used.

For an easy to use duration table showing common BBQ and Patio Heater sizes, please see:

How Long Will a 9kg Gas Bottle Last?


Please see How Much Gas is Left in the Gas Bottle

For info on BBQ gas bottle testing & BBQ gas bottle expiry see Gas bottle expiry & Gas Bottle-Cylinder Testing Facts



We accept out of date bottles at BBQ gas bottle expiry at no extra charge.

Please see How to SWAP’n’GO


SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles and Out of Date Gas Bottles

SWAP’n’GO accepts out of date gas bottles. A SWAP’n’GO gas bottle out of date or even past 9½ years is refurbished as necessary, re-inspected by a certified test station and has the neck ring re-stamped with a new test date.


SWAP’n’GO offers a mover’s transfer service, with which you can to take your BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle) to your nearest Elgas branch and reclaim another one at the Elgas branch nearest to your destination.

It can also be used if you are putting your home contents into storage. Please see:

Removalists and the Moving or Storage of BBQ Gas Bottles


Everyone wants to get the full value out of their BBQ gas bottle refill.

The simple solution that many people use is to have a second SWAP’n’GO gas bottle.

Then, you can run your first BBQ gas bottle completely dry and quickly switch bottles without a frantic run to your local servo. You can then swap the empty BBQ gas bottle at a more convenient time.

Don’t have a second BBQ gas bottle?

No problem.

You can purchase a second full SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refill (patio gas bottle) without a trade-in.


Due to the popularity of SWAP’n’GO gas bottles, staffing issues and safety concerns, all of the major oil marketing companies removed refilling from their company owned sites pre-2010. A big reason was no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station.

The remaining refillers are independent service station operators and multi-site groups, although some have major oil company branding.

The numbers have now stabilised and no further significant reduction of refiller sites is expected.

Elgas is one of the largest suppliers of LPG to BBQ gas bottle refillers and we support them as well as our SWAP’n’GO network.

In fact, many of our independent customers have both SWAP’n’GO and Elgas BBQ gas bottle refill gas.


BBQ Gas Bottle Safety Questions

At Elgas, we pride ourselves on our BBQ gas bottle safety.

All SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refills are either new or quality checked and have been refurbished by trained technicians.

Please also see BBQ Gas Bottle Safety Tips


Please see Gas Bottles in the Sun


  • LPG gas bottle storage is best outdoors in a well ventilated space.
  • LPG gas bottle storage should never be stored indoors.
  • LPG gas bottle storage should always be stored upright.
  • Do not have LPG gas bottle storage near an ignition source.
  • If you store your BBQ or patio heater indoors, when not in use, you should always detach the BBQ gas bottle first and store it separately outdoors.

Please also see LPG gas bottle storage


Manually refilled cylinders can be incorrectly filled causing the cylinders to vent gas through the pressure relief valve that is part of the main valve.

This can happen, with an overfilled cylinder, as the gas gets warmer and the pressure builds.

Venting can be a very dangerous situation if it occurs near people or an ignition source and especially in vehicles.

SWAP’n’GO® BBQ gas bottle refills are done by weight on very accurate digital scales.

The total BBQ gas bottle refill weight is calculated based on the empty weight of the cylinder plus the gas.

The scales are reset for each cylinder to achieve the proper full weight. So, you can rest assured that the BBQ gas bottle refill you buy from SWAP’n’GO is safely filled.

SWAP’n’GO also performs two leak checks on each cylinder before it is delivered to your local dealer.

We always check the inspection date on every cylinder we fill and only those with valid dates are filled.

Cylinders with expired dates are inspected internally and externally, have new valves fitted and have a new date stamp applied.

Also, no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station.

Please also see Why Swap is Better


Please see BBQ Gas Leak Test

Turning your BBQ off at the BBQ gas bottle first is both safer and could save you money! Please see:

Turn Your BBQ Off at the Gas Bottle First


First, please do not throw your old gas bottles disposal into general waste or regular metal recycling bins, as it can cause a safety hazard for the tip and recycling workers.
Please see Safe Gas Bottles Disposal & Gas Bottle Recycling


There may be By-Law and lease restrictions on using a BBQ on a unit balcony.

There are also a number of other issues that need to be considered.

Please see Using a Gas BBQ on a Unit Balcony for more details


Is there a special type of BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle) required for caravan use?

How many BBQ gas bottles can you have on a caravan?

Please see Facts About BBQ Gas Bottles for Caravans



Please see Bushfires and BBQ Gas Bottles

In Australia, this is a very unlikely problem, as the temperature would need to be far below zero.

Extremely cold sub zero conditions can affect your BBQ gas bottle, particularily as it gets low on gas.

There could be liquid gas within the bottle that will not come out.

The reason for this is that the liquid gas absorbs heat from the metal walls of the BBQ gas bottle to achieve vapourisation, which is the process of going from a liquid to a gaseous state.

As the volume of liquid gas gets lower, there is less metal surface area providing heat to the gas so it may not ‘boil’ and vapourise in extremely cold conditions, when the metal BBQ gas bottle become very cold.

The best solution for this is to keep the bottle in the sun, on cold days, so it absorbs as much heat as possible.

Alternatively, switch to a full or near full BBQ gas bottle.

You can use the lesser filled bottle on another day, when the temperatures are warmer.

Please also seeLPG Gas Physical Properties


SWAP’n’GO is Close & Convenient – Fast, Safe & Easy

There are thousands of SWAP’n’GO® retailers around the country so you never have to go very far to find a fresh full LPG gas bottle refill.

Just use our convenient app…

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Find your nearest SWAP’n’GO dealer* without even having to click




*NOTE: SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refills (patio gas bottle) are sold by independent dealers who set there own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices.