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Comparing LPG suppliers

4 Sep, 2023 | Residential LPG

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How to find the right LPG supplier for your needs
LPG Supplier comparison

You want to pick the best supplier for something as critical as LPG. There are several things to consider when you evaluate LPG gas suppliers. Local, safe and reliable should also be at the top of the list but there’s more…

What to Look for in an LPG Supplier

In summary…

  • Convenient delivery and sizing options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Help for new users of LPG
  • 24/7 support
  • No contracts policy
  • Reliability and Continuity of supply
  • Residential Focus
  • Local presence
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Support during natural disasters and emergencies

Delivery Options and Cylinder Size Choices Best for You

Some LPG suppliers only offer cylinder exchange service. However, you should look for an LPG supplier that also offers on-site filling from LPG tankers. Tanker refills have a number of advantages for you, as the user, especially if the supplier offers automatic LPG gas delivery. Just think of never having to check your gas cylinders or having to order.

Many LPG suppliers can only offer 45kg LPG gas cylinders because they don’t have the tankers required to fill larger 90kg & 210kg sized cylinders, but tanker filled 45 kg gas cylinder refill price can be less than exchange 45 kg gas cylinder prices. If you are a heavy user of LPG, this could force you to spend extra money on your installation, with an elaborate manifold system for multiple 45kg cylinders. You should pick an LPG supplier that can give you the gas cylinder sizes you need.

Competitive pricing

A large LPG provider will be able to offer you flexible plans to suit different budget types. You should also be able to see the pricing in your area before you opt for an LPG offering.

Help for New Users of Home LPG

If you are a first time user of home LPG, you will probably need additional guidance to explain how everything works. The supplier should provide detailed “How-to” instructions. You also want answers to frequently asked questions specifically tailored for new LPG users. For example, at ELGAS, we help with guidance on installing LPG plumbing at your property or support while renovating or rebuilding. To download a full guide on first time LPG use click HERE.

New to LPG? Choose ELGAS.

ELGAS is Australia’s largest LPG supplier and services the LPG energy needs of more than 350,000 homes and businesses. Whether you are looking for LPG for your home, LPG for your business, or SWAP’n’GO for your BBQ, contact ELGAS today!

24/7 Live Contact with Your Supplier

You should be able to contact the supplier 24/7 for all your needs. We are talking real live people at the other end of the phone line and not answering machines. And those people should be in Australia and not some overseas call centre. Make sure your supplier answers the telephone every day and around the clock.

No Contracts Policy – Stay Because You Want To

Some LPG suppliers try to lock you in to a 12- or 24-month contract for your home LPG. You should look for a supplier that has a No Contracts Policy. Stay because you want to, not because you have to.

Reliability and certainty of supply

Your LPG supplier should have robust infrastructure to ensure hassle free doorstep delivery. Large LPG providers have an adequately large fleet to make reliable deliveries from a branch near you. In addition to delivery infrastructure, your provider should have reliable storage capacity.

They should have upstream supply, storage and transport facilities to provide supply certainty.This is important if there is a supply interruption, as happened in SA a few years ago.

Local Presence

For obvious reasons it is advantageous to deal with a supplier that has a local depot in your area. Look for a large LPG supplier that has a local company agent or branch run by local people from your area.

You want all the large supplier advantages combined with friendly local service and knowledge.

Your Supplier Should Have a Residential Focus

You want an LPG supplier that is focussed on your needs. For example, as industrial gas suppliers primarily deal with businesses, they can only be contacted during business hours. Look for an LPG supplier that specialises in the needs of homeowners.

Support during Natural Disasters

One of the advantages of a large national supplier is in the event of natural disasters, like floods or bushfires. The larger companies have resources, from other areas, which they can mobilise and bring to the affected areas.This is particularly important if the LPG depot itself is affected by the disaster, as recently happened during the flood in Bundaberg. Small local suppliers simply don’t have that kind of backup capability.

New Residential LPG customer?

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New Business LPG customer?