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How long will a 45 kg bottle last me?

27 Mar, 2023 | Residential LPG Blogs

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45kg LPG cylinders are the most popular and commonly ordered cylinder size in Australia. Here's all you need to know about its benefits, expected duration of use among other important details
45kg LPG Bottle

45kg LPG Gas cylinders are the most popular size in Australian homes. ELGAS is Australia’s biggest LPG provider offering a seamless gas cylinder exchange system, same-day delivery, and the best available gas cylinder prices for new customers in homes and businesses all around the country.

45kg home gas cylinders delivered to your doorstep.

Whether you live in NSW, VIC, QLD or anywhere else around Australia you are probably familiar with the ELGAS LPG cylinder delivery service. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is the most common cost-effective alternative to natural gas and electricity and a favourite for customers who choose to live off-grid.

As a preferred retailer and LPG supplier, we supply clean burning LPG almost anywhere. Our service includes a seamless gas cylinder exchange system coordinated with our team of experienced LPG delivery drivers for gas refills delivered to your door.

ELGAS LPG gas cylinders are regularly serviced to ensure every gas cylinder meets stringent Australian standards. Your 45kg home gas cylinder is placed directly on-site at your place so you won’t need to lift a finger. Now that’s convenience ELGAS style!

Benefits of gas cylinder exchange

ELGAS home LPG customers usually keep two 45kg cylinders on-site, plus a BBQ cylinder. When one 45kg cylinder is empty, switch over to the full cylinder and exchange the empty one with a next-day replacement from your gas supplier. Your ELGAS delivery driver will do the heavy lifting for you and you will never run out of gas supply. You can order gas cylinder refill online, over the phone, or with a scheduled replacement cylinder delivery according to your regular LPG usage.

For homes and businesses that use larger amounts of LPG, ELGAS supplies 90kg and 210kg gas cylinder sizes. We have the right size at the right price to suit your needs. Our largest LPG cylinders are delivered with a forklift, and we also deliver LPG pumped from our delivery truck directly into large gas tanks for ultimate LPG convenience.

How long does a 45kg gas cylinder last?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG or cylinderd gas) can be used for a range of household appliances. The amount of gas used will depend on the type of appliances in your household, how often the appliances are used, and the number of people in your household. The LPG price can be very efficient.

A 45kg gas cylinder could last more than a year if LPG is only used for cooking. If LPG is used for cooking and hot water for a family of four, a 45kg gas cylinder should last for a couple of months. If using LPG for cooking, Rinnai hot water and home heating your gas cylinder should last for approximately one month.

You can extend the lifespan of your 45kg gas cylinder by avoiding long showers and turning off the heat pump or heaters when not needed. Keep two 45kg gas cylinders on-site. When the first one is empty, swap over to cylinder number 2 and order a replacement gas cylinder from ELGAS. This way, you will never run out of cooking gas, hot water, or gas heating in your home.

Using less gas at home – efficiency matters

It’s all about the appliance efficiency ratings. MJ inputs and kW outputs are directly related but are affected by the efficiency of the appliance. For example, a 25MJ heater with a 5.8 Star energy rating has an output of 6.2kW.
Now, if you do the math, dividing 25MJ ÷ 3.6MJ, you expect the output to be 6.94kW, not 6.2kW. The difference is that, at 5.8 Stars, the heater is 89.3% efficient. No gas appliance is 100% efficient, which is why we have the Star rating system to judge the relative performance of different models.

LPG/Propane shouldn’t be confused with Butane. Although both are flammable hydrocarbon gases, Butane has a higher boiling point and is more commonly used as a fuel, propellant, or refrigerant.

45kg gas cylinder LPG consumption

  • Gas Consumption = MJ/hr (Megajoules per Hour). Ratings on appliances indicate the gas consumption of the appliance, not the heat output. It is often expressed as just MJ. On the other hand, heat output must also consider the relative energy efficiency ratings of the models being compared.
    • Heat Output = kWh (Kilowatt hour). 3.6 MJ of input equals 1kWh of output at 100% efficiency. However, no gas appliance is 100% efficient. That’s why we have Star Ratings, so we can compare relative efficiency between LPG gas tank models. Appliance output is often expressed as just kW.

Energy Efficiency – Star Ratings

Star ratings were developed to provide consumers with an easy way of comparing the energy efficiency of different models of gas heaters and hot water systems. All states in Australia now require both LPG and Natural Gas heaters to be tested and certified, under AS4553, by independent testing organisations, such as the AGA and SAI Global.

The Star Rating is based on net LP gas heater efficiency. Net heater efficiency is calculated based on a combination of efficiency measures and takes into account all gas and electrical inputs. It basically compares the amount of raw energy input consumed by the heater in comparison to the heat energy output provided.

This is calculated as a percentage and then translated into the corresponding Star Rating. Please see Energy Efficiency & Star Ratings for Gas Heaters.

For household LPG, business LPG, SWAP’n’GO pick-up gas cylinders with no lock-in contracts, and 45kg LPG gas cylinders delivered to your home, contact ELGAS, Australia’s favourite LPG retailer.


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