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BBQ Storage Safety

26 Jun, 2023 | SWAP'N'GO

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Quick BBQ safety checklist covering transportation, storage and setting up
BBQ Overall Safety

Transporting BBQ Gas Cylinders

  • Ensure BBQ gas cylinders are secured and upright when transporting them in your vehicle
  • Gas cylinders should not be left in vehicles for longer than is necessary, and make sure you put them somewhere in the car that you won’t forget about them
  • Do not transport more than two 8.5kg BBQ gas cylinders at a time and make sure the valves are closed.

Setting up your BBQ gas cylinders

  • Always check for leaks with a soapy water leak test every time you attach a new BBQ gas cylinder
  • Inspect all BBQ gas fittings and BBQ gas hose fittings for damage or deterioration before each use
  • Never use undue force to open or close the BBQ gas bottle valve
  • When you have finished using your BBQ, make sure you close the gas cylinder valve first before you switch the BBQ off. This ensures that no gas is left in the hose once you have finished

Safe storage of BBQ gas cylinders

  • Always store BBQ gas cylinders outdoors in a well-ventilated space, never indoors.
  • If you store your BBQ or patio heater indoors, always be sure to disconnect the gas cylinder after use and store it separately outside.
  • Gas cylinders should always be stored upright, secured from falling, and protected from potential impacts
  • Never lay a BBQ gas bottle on its side
  • Don’t store your BBQ gas cylinders near ignition sources, and keep them cool and away from flames, sparks & heat

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