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How long does a BBQ gas cylinder last?

29 Aug, 2023 | SWAP'N'GO

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General information on how long a BBQ cylinder last with commonly used appliances.
ELGAS BBQ cylinder use duration

How Long Will a 8.5kg BBQ Gas bottle Last

Whilst it is hard to say for certain, here are some approximate examples of how long an 8.5kg BBQ bottle lasts on some commonly used appliances:

♦ 26 – 29 hours with 1 Burner on a Full-Sized BBQ

♦ 6 – 7 hours with 4 Burners on a Full-Sized BBQ

♦ 44 – 59 hours with 1 Burner on a Compact BBQ

♦ 22 – 29 hours with 2 Burners on a Compact BBQ

♦ 12 hours with 35 MJ Patio Heater

♦ 36 hours with 12 MJ Tabletop Heater

These estimates are based on running at the maximum setting/rate for that appliance. You may find the cylinder lasts longer if you use the appliance on lower settings.


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Is there a way to calculate how long will a BBQ gas bottle last?

To get an idea of how long  will your BBQ gas bottle last, all you need to do is divide the number of MegaJoules (MJ) in the cylinder by the MJ rating of your appliance. There are 417MJ in an 8.5kg cylinder, and you should be able to find the MJ rating of your appliance in the Owner’s Manual or on the manufacturers website.

For example:

If you have a BBQ with 2 burners, and each burner is rated at 15MJ per hour, then your gas consumption when both burners are on and set to high is 30MJ per hour.

417MJ in a cylinder, divided by 30MJ per hour, gives you a run time of approximately 14 hours.

Is there a ways to make your BBQ gas bottle last longer?

Following important safety advice can keep you safe and help you avoid any gas leaks from your cylinder. It can also ensure you get the most out of your BBQ cylinder:

  • Always check for leaks with a soapy water leak test every time you attach a new BBQ gas cylinder
  • Inspect all BBQ gas fittings and BBQ gas hose fittings for damage or deterioration before each use
  • Never use undue force to open or close the BBQ gas bottle valve as you may damage the valve
  • When you have finished using your BBQ, make sure you close the gas cylinder valve first before you switch the BBQ off. This ensures that no gas is left in the hose once you have finished, and you won’t get any leaks from the gas bottle.

Does LPG have a Shelf Life?

The shelf life of LPG is unlimited so the only limiting factor is the gas cylinder itself. If you take care of your cylinder and don’t allow it to rust, it could last 20 years or more. Gas cylinders typically need re-inspection every 10 years, however your gas cylinder will be checked each time before it is refilled to ensure this re-inspection isn’t due.

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