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How to turn off and turn on your BBQ cylinder

29 Aug, 2023 | SWAP'N'GO

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Things to be mindful of while turning on and turning off your LPG cylinder

 How to Turn On BBQ Gas Cylinder

  • Rotate the hand wheel anti-clockwise (counterclockwise)
  • Only open about two turns
  • Do not open hard to the stop
  • How to Turn Off LPG Gas Cylinder:
  • Always turn off LPG gas cylinder first.
  • To turn off LPG gas cylinder rotate the hand wheel, on top of the cylinder, clockwise. Close by hand only until firmly closed. Do not use tools or overtighten.
  • If you have more than one gas cylinder, be sure to turn both off (as with 45kg LPG gas cylinders).

For BBQs, turn off all of the burners AFTER you turn off gas cylinder.

NOTE:  This advice applies to POL valves used in Australia.  Procedure may be different for other valves in other countries.

How To Turn Your BBQ Off Safely 

To turn off gas cylinder, turn the round valve handwheel located on top of the cylinder clockwise until snug by hand only (don’t over-tighten). Turning the valve handwheel anti-clockwise turns the gas back on. If you have two cylinders (or more), you will need to turn them all off by repeating the valve closing procedure.

The best practice is to turn off gas cylinder first when you turn off your BBQ.  This eliminates the possibility of leaks from all the burners and the regulator connection while in storage. It also uses up all of the gas remaining in the gas lines, so you are safely storing your BBQ with no remnant gas remaining in the unit.

By doing it first, it ensures that you don’t completely forget to close the gas cylinder valve. So, you stay safe and save money!

The Potential Problem

In a perfectly engineered world, everything on your BBQ would seal perfectly. The reality is that gas burner valves and regulator connections can leak. This is especially true as they wear with age and there can be quite a few on a single BBQ. For example, with a six burner BBQ, there are at least 7 gas seals that must be perfectly seated to avoid leaks. The leaks can be very small and unnoticeable. However, over time, a substantial amount of gas could leak out of your BBQ if you do not close the gas cylinder valve.

Why It Is Safer to Turn Off Gas Cylinder First

 The safety implications of turning off gas cylinder are obvious. Gas could accumulate in the area where the BBQ is stored, creating an ignition hazard. This is why you should NEVER store a BBQ indoors unless you remove the gas cylinder, storing the cylinder separately outdoors. However, if a BBQ is stored correctly, in a well-ventilated outdoor location, the gas from a very slow leak would most likely just dissipate.

In summary

  1. Turn your BBQ off at the gas cylinder first by turning the valve clockwise
  2. Close firmly by hand only
  3. Turn off all of the burners
  4. Store BBQ in a well-ventilated outdoor location

NOTE:  This advice applies to POL valves used in Australia.

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