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How to attach and remove your BBQ Bottle

29 Jun, 2023 | SWAP'N'GO Blogs

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Easy steps to safety remove and attach 3.7kg and 8.5kg BBQ cylinders
BBQ bottle remove and attach

How to Attach BBQ bottle to your appliance

  1. Remove any safety plug that is fitted to the BBQ gas cylinder valve. If the tamper plug is a screw in type you must turn it clockwise to remove it.
  2. Check the valve to ensure there is no dust on debris in the valve
  3. Place the BBQ gas cylinder into the BBQ mounting hook or in its holder/shelf, depending on your BBQ
  4. Always ensure the BBQ gas cylinder is kept upright, and never allow it to hang by the gas hose.
  5. Once the gas cylinder is in place, insert the BBQ gas regulator and tighten. Remember to always leak test after you attach a BBQ gas bottle.
  6. Inspect the BBQ gas regulator and hose for any damage. Some BBQ gas regulators have rubber O-rings on the connector. The O-ring should be undamaged and the connector should be clean and dirt free prior to insertion.
  7. Screw the BBQ gas regulator into the valve opening by turning the BBQ Gas Regulator Hand Wheel anti-clockwise. Tighten well by hand only.
  8. Check that the gas hose is not kinked.
  9. Without turning on the BBQ, open the gas cylinder valve by turning the handwheel anti-clockwise, enabling gas to flow into the hose.
  10. Spray the entire BBQ gas regulator, valve and gas hose with soapy water to check for any possible leaks. You will see bubbles or smell gas if there is a leak.
  11. If you have a leak, you should immediately turn the gas off (clockwise) and fix or replace the leaking component.

If no leak is detected then you are ready to use your BBQ.

And when you have finished cooking, don’t forget to turn off the gas at the BBQ gas cylinder first before turning the BBQ burners off. This will ensure that no gas is left in the hoses once you have finished.


How to Remove Regulator & Gas Cylinder from BBQ:

    Whether your BBQ gas cylinder is empty, or you just want to disconnect it and store it away from your BBQ, follow these simple steps to safely remove your gas cylinder from your BBQ:

    1. Make sure the BBQ gas cylinder valve is closed by turning the hand wheel clockwise.
    2. Remove the regulator from gas cylinder valve by turning the regulator handwheel clockwise (reverse thread). Be aware and careful, as a small amount of gas remaining in the gas regulator and hose may be released when you remove the regulator from the gas cylinder valve.
    3. Now the BBQ gas cylinder is disconnected you can remove the gas bottle from the mounting hook or out of its holder/shelf, depending on your BBQ.
    4. If your BBQ gas cylinder is empty, take it to your nearest SWAP’n’GO location to exchange it for a full one.

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