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29 Jun, 2023 | SWAP'N'GO Blogs

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Everything you need to know about getting, setting and using your BBQ gas bottle

BBQ FAQ #1: Does it matter what SWAP’n’Go cylinder size I buy for my BBQ?

No, both the 8.5kg and 3.7kg SWAP’n’GO gas cylinders can power a standard BBQ.

BBQ FAQ #2: Do I own the SWAP’n’GO gas cylinders I receive?

Yes, when you purchase or swap a SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder, you own the gas cylinder you receive. When your cylinder is empty it is then your choice whether you swap it for another full cylinder, or find a local refiller to refill your cylinder.

BBQ FAQ #3: Can I return my SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder and get a refund if I don’t need it anymore?

When you purchase or swap a SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder, you then own the gas cylinder you receive. Unfortunately, there is no basis for issuing a refund. If you no longer need your gas cylinder you can consider giving to family, friends or perhaps a local club that runs sausage sizzle fund raising events. Check with your local council recycling centre as they may accept them for disposal, or alternatively you can leave the BBQ gas cylinder at your nearest SWAP’n’GO retailer for recycling.

BBQ FAQ # 4: Where can I swap my BBQ gas cylinder for a new one?

You can find your local SWAP’n’GO retailer in our Store Locator here

BBQ FAQ #5: How can I tell if the SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder I will receive is full?

Every SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder is precision filled on a digital scale to either 8.5kg (large bottles) or 3.7kg (medium bottles) and then leak tested by ELGAS technicians. SWAP’n’GO gas cylinders are then fitted with either black tamper plugs, or yellow tamper plugs and yellow seals which indicates that the gas cylinder has been quality checked and filled to safe industry standards.

BBQ FAQ #6: How long will an 8.5kg SWAP’n’GO gas cylinder last?

It really depends on the gas burner and gas consumption rating of the BBQ or patio heater being used. An 8.5kg gas bottle will last about 7 to 8 days cooking a meal once a day on a 4 burner BBQ grill assuming a one hour cook time per meal, or up to 29 hours when cooking with a small 2 burner compact BBQ used on high. If just one burner is on, or lower settings are used, it will last even longer.

BBQ FAQ #7:Does SWAP’n’GO accept out-of-date BBQ gas cylinders?

Yes, we can accept BBQ gas cylinders that are past their expiry for no charge. Where possible we will always try to recycle out-of-date cylinders by refurbishing them, inspecting and retesting them at our certified test stations, and then stamping them with a new test date.

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