The Eco-Friendly Choice

LPG is the Eco-Friendly Choice

LPG is eco friendly with lower CO2 emissions and lowers particulate emissions than coal, petrol, diesel or coal-fired electricity, making it a better choice for the environment.

LPG & Lower CO2 Emissions

Because LPG results in lower CO2 emissions than other energy sources, such as coal-fired electricity, it can be a far better choice for the environment.

Gas has always been considered the fuel of choice for effective home heating, hot water and cooking.

Apart from the benefits it provides inside the home, gas can also contribute significantly to your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.

There is a substantial environmental benefit in using gas as an alternative fuel to coal-fired electricity for many applications around the home.

The benefit lies in the chemical composition of LPG, which produces less CO2 emissions when burnt.

For example, replacing your electric hot water system with a 6-Star LPG continuous flow hot water system can reduce the Greenhouse gas emissions produced from your hot water use by about 75%.

Note also that the Greenhouse gas emissions for LPG continuous flow are even lower than for an electric boosted solar system.

The environmental benefits of continuous flow hot water have also been enhanced by leading manufacturers who are now producing 6-Star and above rated models, providing further Greenhouse benefits.

The Australian Government Department of Climate Change site (referenced below) provides Greenhouse gas emissions data for a range of locations and households.

The figures for ‘gas’ can be applied to LPG or natural gas, as there is very little difference between them.

View Australia’s climate change strategies here.