Dependable LPG gas supply that is out of sight…

EasyGas DownUnder – Underground LPG Gas Bottle Storage – Reticulated Gas

EasyGas DownUnder Underground LPG Gas Bottle Storage

Store your home LPG gas bottle underground with EasyGas DownUnder

Your LPG gas bottle s hidden, safe, fire resistant and you get automatic LPG refill deliveries.

*Note: EasyGas DownUnder is not available in all areas, please call to check availability.

Great Advantages

♦ Your LPG gas bottle is stored safely underground and out of sight*

♦ EFFORTLESS LPG™ with Automatic LPG Refill Home Deliveries

♦ We monitor your LPG bottled gas usage and schedule deliveries, as needed

♦ You get direct LPG refills from our tanker truck to your LPG gas bottle*

♦ No more checking LPG gas bottle or having to call to order LPG refill

♦ There’s no more replacement or changeover of LPG gas bottle

♦ Modern EasyGas LPG refill tankers and a comprehensive safety program

♦ It saves usable yard space and facilitates zero lot line installations

♦ Suitable for both new and retro-fit applications in both residential and commercial settings

♦ Your underground LPG gas bottle is located close to the street for easy, hassle-free delivery

♦ Placement underground and a flame retardant lid provide added safety

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EasyGas DownUnder Wins Australian International Design Award

Elgas were recognised with the presentation of an Australian International Design Award for EasyGas DownUnder™, an innovative LPG underground LPG gas bottle storage system.

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards recognise superior design and innovation in Australia and provide consumers with an independent indicator of quality and value for professionally designed products available on the Australian market.

The prestigious honours were awarded to Elgas for EasyGas DownUnder, the first and only underground LPG gas bottle storage system for residential and light commercial applications.

Along with the revolutionary design, EasyGas DownUnder makes use of recycled and recyclable materials in its construction.

The judges commented “Why hasn’t this been done before? A simple idea with an endless array of benefits.”

How EasyGas DownUnder Works

A special canister is installed below the ground.

This canister houses the 90kg LPG gas bottle, which is specifically designed for in-ground installations.

One 90kg LPG gas bottle is suitable for most household applications including cooking, heating and hot water.

Located in your garden, the underground LPG gas bottle is installed as close as practical to the front boundary of the property.

This ensures your installation is discreet and allows for easy LPG gas bottle refills from our EasyGas tankers.

The LPG gas bottle is protected by a fire resistant lid which sits flush with your lawn or garden surrounds.

Connected to your house

Your LPG gas bottle is safely connected to your home via pipe work installed by a licensed tradesman, similar to your other household services.

LPG refills are made via EasyGas tanker delivery.


♦ Your safety is assured EasyGas DownUnder has been researched, tested and designed to exceed all industry safety standards.

♦ As an EasyGas service, you can relax and enjoy the safest and most reliable LPG delivery method – our EasyGas tankers

♦ Your EasyGas DownUnder LPG gas bottle should only ever be refilled by ELGAS, as safety regulations prevent refilling by unqualified personnel

♦ Your LPG gas bottle will be removed for a safety check after a period of 10 years

Reticulated Gas – Metered LPG Reticulated Gas Supply (Limited Areas)

Reticulated gas is gas supply that is connected by underground pipes or gas mains. We provide metered LPG reticulated gas service in certain areas. Reticulated gas provides safe, quality LPG gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers using smaller reticulated gas networks.

New or existing users in these areas can obtain further information on this service by contacting the local Elgas branch on 131 161.

South Australia users can reference the SA Reticulation Fact Sheet.