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ELGAS has great value LPG plans to suit your home and energy needs. If you are making the switch, we have great winter deals for you.

LPG for your home

Whether you’re buying or renting, building or renovating, or thinking of switching suppliers – ELGAS has a range of LPG supply options to get you set up quickly and safely. And with more the 1,000 regional locations, our friendly and local team is never far away.

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I am moving home

Whether you are buying or renting a new home with LPG, we can get you quickly set up for cooking, home heating or supply of hot water.


Switching suppliers

Switching suppliers

Switching from your current LPG supplier and having one of our local friendly branches or agents supply your LPG, is easier than you think.


Building or renovating

Building or renovating

Cooking with gas, enjoying the ambience of a gas log fire and having your hot water instantaneously heated, is all possible off-grid with LPG. We have and installation options to suit your new home.

Your Guide to Home LPG

Easy tips, hacks and answers to frequently asked Questions on Residential LPG to help you get the most out of LPG for your home.

ELGAS Cylinder Sizes

LPG Cylinder Sizes

All About LPG

Everything About LPG


Common LPG FAQs

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Australia’s largest LPG provider

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Free and reliable doorstep delivery from a branch near you*

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*Delivery charges may apply for some select ELGAS Branches and Agents. Call your local ELGAS Team on 131 161 to confirm.

Comparing LPG Suppliers

Comparing LPG Suppliers

We provide a comprehensive guide for consumers comparing LPG suppliers. This guide emphasises the importance of safety, reliability, credibility, delivery options, and support for new LPG users. Choosing a supplier that values customer feedback, maintains a reliable local presence, and operates without contracts is beneficial. Additional advantages include 24/7 live support for larger gas bottle sizes and the availability of online or mobile app functionalities.

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