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LP Gas Surety of Supply… The Elgas Difference

As an LP gas consumer, you know the importance of never running out of gas.

It is this reliability of supply that separates Elgas from other LP gas suppliers.

Core Strategy

Elgas understand your need for reliable sourcing and embraces it with our core company strategy, Surety of Supply (SOS).

More than just words, Elgas has greater investment in storage infrastructure and logistical support than any other Australian LPG marketer.

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The Elgas Cavern

At the heart of the SOS™ system is the Elgas Cavern, in Sydney. Constructed at a cost of $190 million, the Cavern is the largest LP gas storage facility in Australia.

Located completely underground, it is an essential part of both Elgas’ and Australia’s energy infrastructure.

To put it in perspective, the Cavern’s 65,000 tonne capacity is enough to fill over 1,300,000 taxicabs or heat 350,000 homes for a year.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it has dramatically increased Australia’s LP gas reserve from a mere 3 days to over 60 days.

Elgas also operates another major storage facility in Victoria, the Dandenong Bulk Terminal.

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Cavern Statistics

The Cavern ranks as one of Australia’s great engineering marvels.

Opened in 2000, after four years of construction, the Cavern consists of four huge tunnel galleries carved out of sandstone 130 metres below the supply terminal in Port Botany.

The scale of each gallery is vast, with each space being purpose drilled and blasted to measure an incredible 230 metres long, 11 metres high and 14 metres wide.

Also incorporated in the facility is our own dedicate docking system to load and unload LP gas ocean tankers as large as VLGC class ships of up to 45,000 tonnes.

The docking system also loads smaller LP gas tankers for re-distribution to other parts of Australia, New Zealand and various Pacific Islands.


The Elgas SOS™ system is not just about LP gas storage, it also involves state-of-the-art logistics.

Elgas fields a fleet of 55 long haul road tankers, more than 125 local delivery tankers and over 200 cylinder delivery trucks.

These are combined with on-board computers, GPS based routing software and telemetry on many larger customer vessels to provide the best delivery service possible.

Quality Control

Quality control at the Cavern is exacting.

Each supplier of gas to the Cavern, whether from Australia’s natural reserves, domestic refineries or elsewhere in the world, provides an independent certification of quality prior to arrival.

When a sea tanker docks at Port Botany, a sample is drawn and analysed to confirm the cargo still meets the certificated high quality, adheres to the Australian specification and the 95% minimum propane requirement for LP gas in Australia.

Abiding by these protocols means our LP gas continuously meets or exceeds quality specifications and you are assured of the highest quality LPG.

Elgas customer care is both local and national, with over 40 Elgas centres located around the country to provide customer service, local advice and on-site gas storage.

Our National Service Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to back up the local centres, so you can always reach us.

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