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LPG Safety during Bushfires

26 Jun, 2023 | Business LPG Blogs, Residential LPG Blogs

In this article:

All you need to be vigilant of and do to secure your LPG bottles - before, during and after a bushfire

Dos for LPG safety during Bushfire Season

• Always follow the advice and directions of emergency services – SES, Fire and/or Police
• If a fire approaches or you are told to evacuate:

a) Turn your LPG cylinder or tank valve off (turn clockwise)
b) Leave your LPG cylinders in an upright position – the safety release valve is designed to protect the cylinder when exposed to high temperature
c) Leave LPG cylinders or tanks in the location they were installed
d) If you have a Bulk LPG tank and it includes a pumping station – activate the Emergency Shutoff Valve, or press the Shut Emergency Stop button

Don’ts for LPG Safety during Bushfire Season

• Do not move LPG cylinders (including BBQ bottles) from their installed position to inside buildings, sheds, basements, garages, vehicles or on a veranda/patio
• Never leave any combustible material around the tank or cylinders
• Never lay your LPG cylinders on their side
• Never cover your LPG cylinders or tank with wet/cooled materials


• You can contact your local Elgas on 131161
• Elgas 24 Hour Emergency Line: 1800 819 783
• Emergency Services : 000


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