Terms and conditions – WA only Introductory Offers

  • The Introductory Offers apply to our 45kg LPG exchange cylinder program in Western Australia. If the property is verified by Elgas as capable of tanker supply, the Introductory Offers will apply.
  • All offers are only applicable to new residential customers that sign up from 1st May 2023 until 31st January 2024 and receive their first delivery by 30th April 2024.
  • The offers are available for areas serviced directly by Elgas and through the majority of Elgas Agents, however the offers are not applicable through our Distributors.
  • We will switch your current gas bottles over to Elgas cylinders and return the old cylinders to your old supplier, all free of charge.
  • An annual service charge will apply to each cylinder located on your premises and will be invoiced separately as a Service Charge, as described in the Plain English T&Cs.
  • All offers include free delivery to the areas serviced directly by Elgas and the majority of Elgas Agents.
  • The pricing offers within this promotion cannot be interchanged. Each price offer is separate and independent of each offer.
  • Credits are not redeemable for cash nor transferable and only available at original registered Elgas account address. Credits can only be applied to an Elgas account and only valid on LPG purchases.
  • Elgas reserves the right to amend or terminate this promotional offer at any time.
  • The general terms and conditions that apply to the use of this website also apply

Variable Price Plan

  • Pricing can vary at any time and movements are based on many factors including world LPG prices, and the price applicable is at the time of delivery to your premises. Please refer to the Plain English T&Cs in respect of how this pricing is varied.
  • The $80 of account credits (8 x $10 e-vouchers totalling $80 worth of gas credits inclusive of GST) are applied to the customer account at $10 per 45kg cylinder for the first 8 cylinders delivered. If EasyGas bulk tanker supplied, $10 per tanker refill, for the first 8 tanker refills, and for a minimum of 70 litres per refill.
  • Only one set of e-voucher promotion credits per customer account can apply at any one time and cannot be combined or accumulated with e-vouchers from other Elgas voucher promotions unless specifically stipulated in the other voucher promotion.

Fixed Price Plan

  • Pricing will be fixed for the 24 months of ongoing supply, starting from the date of sign up.
  • Only after this initial 24 months of ongoing supply would your price alter. By default, your account would move to a Variable Price Plan after this two-year period.

Carbon Offset Fixed Price Plan

  • When you select this Carbon Neutral Fixed Price Plan, Elgas will offset the greenhouse gas emissions from every LPG purchase you make under this plan.
  • Pricing for the product will be fixed for the 12 months of ongoing supply, starting from the date of sign up, and includes an additional cost for offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with quantity of LPG that you purchase under this plan (Carbon Neutral Offset Fee).
  • The products offered under this Carbon Neutral Fixed Price Plan is certified by Climate Active. Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.
  • After this initial 12-month period of ongoing supply, your account would move to a Variable Price Plan and the additional Carbon Neutral Offset Fee:
      • will continue apply until you opt out of the Carbon Neutral Offset Fee by contacting Our Customer Service Centre on 131 161; and
      • may vary from time to time based on commercial matters, including exchange rate fluctuations, change in law, change in tax and other commercial considerations and their application may vary in timing and magnitude.