How To Refill Using PUMP’n’GO®

Refilling should only be done by trained individuals.
These instructions are only meant as a refresher for those already trained.
Please contact your Elgas rep if you require training.

Filling Instructions

Before you start filling forklift cylinders, make sure there is no smoking or other ignition sources in the PUMP’n’GO area.

1. Make sure the forklift is parked safely in the designated area with the handbrake on.

2. Always wear your PPE: includes long sleeves, fully enclosed shoes, PVC coated gloves and eye protection.

3. Screw the PUMP’n’GO nozzle onto the main valve clockwise ensuring a tight connection.

4. Turn empty cylinder valve clockwise to the off position.

5. Press the dead man switch button to start filling cylinder.

6. Carefully watch the cylinder as it fills and when full, it will automatically shut off.

7. Release the dead man switch.

8. Turn forklift cylinder valve anti-clockwise to the on position.

9. Carefully release the nozzle and unscrew anti-clockwise from the main valve on the forklift cylinder.

10. Place nozzle back into holder.

11. If you smell any gas, turn the gas valve off and recheck all connections.

Test the cylinder valve for leaks using soapy water.

Do not leave the gas valve turned on or operate the forklift if you cannot fix any gas leaks.

12. Remove all PPE.

Make sure you have your seat belt on, and safely move from designated area.


If there is an Emergency

Emergency response number: 1800 819 783 or check for a number listed on your cylinder.

Elgas can be contacted 24 hours a day on: 131 161

For Emergencies (Police, Fire or Ambulance) contact 000