Gas Heaters Blue Mountains - Rinnai gas heater

Gas Heaters Blue Mountains

Gas Heaters for the Blue Mountains - Rinnai gas heater

Gas Heaters for the Blue MountainsYou have come to the right place to get a great deal on a gas heaters in the Blue Mountains, including Katoomba, Lithgow, Bathurst, Springwood   and the Hawkesbury.

Perfect for the Blue Mountains climate, there’s no better way to provide real warmth to every corner of your home than with gas heaters and Elgas are the gas heating specialists. Gas heaters are faster heating and a whole lot easier than an old wood stove.

With a wide range of gas heating appliances to choose from, including Rinnai gas heater, LPG and natural gas heaters, we have a model that is just right for your Blue Mountains home.

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LPG and Natural Gas models available

You choose the type of indoor gas heater that is right for the Blue Mountains climate:

♦ Rinnai gas heater

♦ Natural gas heating 

♦ Portable gas heaters

♦ Flued gas heaters

♦ Paloma gas heater

♦ Unflued gas heaters

♦ Gas bayonet heaters

♦ Gas wall furnace heaters

♦ Gas heater repair

Portable LPG gas heaters are easy to operate♦  Convector gas heaters circulate fan forced heat

♦  Radiant gas heaters provide warmth from infrared tiles

♦  Radiant convector gas heaters warm with a fan and tiles

Please see Connecting & Disconnecting Gas Bayonet Fittings

♦  Flued gas space heaters - LPG & Natural Gas with console and inbuilt models

♦  Gas Wall Furnace Heaters - LPG & Natural Gas to replace existing wall heaters

♦  Power flued convector LPG gas heater models with zero emissions

♦  Energy Star Ratings as high as 5.8 stars

♦  Gas heaters in sizes up to 30Mj

♦  VIC Compliant Models

♦  Choice of colours

♦  Quality manufacturers including Rinnai, Braemar, Paloma, Everdure and more

Please see Gas Heater Sizing Facts 

Compare Blue Mountains Gas Heater Prices

Now you can compare Blue Mountain prices for all the major brands of indoor gas heaters including:
Rinnai gas heater, Everdure, Paloma, Braemar and Cannon
Click on your category of interest to compare prices:

Available features include thermostats, programmable timers, remote controls, multi-speed fans and electronic ignition.

Safety features may include tilt switches, oxygen depletion sensors, flame failure safety system, dress guards and child locks.


Rinnai Energysaver Power Flued LPG Gas Heater for Blue Mountains