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Looking to Switch Suppliers?

Join Elgas Today!

At Elgas, we can get your LPG connected for all of your business needs.

Changing from another supplier and moving over to Elgas is simple. Just leave the switching over of cylinders or tanks to Elgas, and we’ll get your new connection arranged, along with your new account .

We will also ensure that training of your staff in the use of LPG on your site is up to date.

We have a dedicated team of New Business Managers that can take the hassle out of the transition of LPG tanks, and any associated equipment. We will also set up your new Elgas account and show you how easy it is to use our My Account portal for all of your transactions.

Elgas is your Local, Safe, Reliable LP Gas Supplier

Need a Quote?

Let’s make sure that your site is being supplied LP Gas in the best possible way! Call 131 161, and connect with one of our local team who can best understand your needs, and provide a quote. Or complete a Request for Quote form (Read More), and we’ll arrange for one of our New Business Managers to make contact and work with you on a solution that meets your needs.


Join Elgas Now!

Ready to Join Elgas and get your new account set up and LP Gas supplied to your business? Simply complete the Join Now form (Read More) and we’ll get everything organised for you, and confirm all of your new details in an email.


24/7 Support

At Elgas we understand that our customers may want support at any time of the day. We have local call centres and 24/7 back up telephony support, all with friendly customer service officers ready to answer your questions. Our My Account App & online portal allows you to manage your account online whenever you want.


LPG for Forklifts


At Elgas we have a forklift gas refill exchange service and a bulk forklift program.

We can supply LPG forklift gas in either a 15kg aluminium or 18kg steel forklift gas bottle. Forklifts use liquid withdrawal gas bottles, and are designed to be used horizontally on the back of the LPG forklift.

Our Forklift Gas Refill Exchange service uses the lighter weight 15kg gas bottles. Contact one of our New Business Account Managers to find out more about how many gas bottles you can store on site, and options for storage cages.

At Elgas we have a few different options for our bulk supply program. Our New Business Account Managers can assess whether a bulk decant or onsite pumping unit could work on your site. We can offer a choice of either electric or air assisted pump refueling units, along with a larger capacity 18kg steel cylinder for larger forklifts to reduce your refueling downtime.

Safety is our number one priority, and our comprehensive onsite training program and supporting documentation for forklift gas bottle changeover, decant and bulk pump procedures comes along with the supply of our forklift gas.


Easy Changeover to Elgas

Changing over to Elgas is really easy!

Simply leave the changeover to us. We’ll pick up your old supplier’s equipment and return them.

Our New Business Manager will arrange the installation of new upgraded Elgas storage facilities and any other relevant equipment on your site.

We’ll also set up your account, and show you how to access your My Account portal, so you can transact with us, when it suits you.