Diesel substitution

Diesel to LPG conversions with ELGAS

For many of our Customers with high quality heat requirements, the high cost of Diesel and associated maintenance costs means that transitioning to LPG is increasingly cost effective – even when government fuel rebates and equipment conversion costs are considered. 

LPG produces 45% less CO2 and 99% less NOx pollutants than diesel. LPG is also a credible pathway for businesses seeking to reduce their own carbon emissions and decarbonise their operations. With many Customers also adopting net zero emissions targets, transition to LPG can be an important first step at decarbonizing, as LPG is lower carbon than other traditional fuels such as diesel, oil or coal. 

For many stationary engine applications where a diesel tank of fuel is required, LPG is a more versatile and efficient energy source. Unlike diesel, LPG does not deteriorate in tanks and does not require water to be drained from the bottom of tanks over time.

ELGAS LPG versus Diesel

Why substitute diesel with ELGAS LPG?

Substituting diesel with LPG saves money and lowers emissions for diesel engines in fixed installations and vehicles.

  • In some Industries such as protected cropping where Carbon Dioxide is used onsite to modify the growth environment – using LPG as a fuel means that Carbon Dioxide can be recaptured from flue gas and re-used in the growing process. This is not possible with diesel.
  • The rate of substitution is typically 30-35% and depends on engine size and application
  • A diesel substitution kit is fitted to the engine without the need to make any modifications.
  • The kit can be easily removed and installed on another engine
  • Diesel Substitution Control Units (DSCUs) ensure the optimum substitution rate
  • Engine monitoring and data logging systems continuously check engine performance and fuel consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to cleaner burning fuel

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