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Camper BBQ Gas Bottle Comparison

19 Apr, 2024 | SWAP'N'GO Blogs

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Everything about differ BBQ gas bottle sizes, camper BBQ gas bottles, how to pick the right bottle size and where from.
ELGAS BBQ cylinder use duration

Elgas gas bottle replacement and refill services include 4kg and 9kg LPG bottles used for camping, BBQs, picnics, and more. The price is right for keeping your portable gas appliances powered with Elgas LPG gas bottle SWAP‘n’GO solutions.

SWAP’n’GO – the fast, safe and easy choice

Whether you want to swap for a replacement gas bottle, fill your own, or purchase a new one, SWAP’n’GO is the answer. These gas bottles are portable and pre-filled with safe LPG (propane) gas for heaters, stoves, hot water, coolers, lighting, and firing up the barbecue. For a versatile power source, look no further than 4kg and 9kg gas refill bottles at your nearest SWAP’n’GO retailer.

4kg and 9kg gas bottle capacity

Due to variations in gas bottle sizes from different cylinder manufacturers, our 9kg gas bottles are filled with 8.5kg of gas and our 4kg gas bottles are filled with 3.7kg of gas. This ensures all Elgas customers get the same deal on all gas refills. Gas safety is our number one priority, and our unbeatable prices and service are why customers keep coming back.

If you are looking for bigger gas cylinders for your home or business premises, we have the right cylinder sizes and convenient payment options.

1. 45kg

The most popular household LPG gas solution. Keep two cylinders at home. When one is empty, swap it with the other and order a replacement cylinder from Elgas.

2. 90kg

Ideal for large households and businesses. 90kg gas cylinders that are delivered to you by truck and replaced using a trolley when empty is a convenient deal.

3. 210kg

Perfect for high-volume use. These cylinders are refillable by tanker delivery for hassle-free gas connections and a seamless service.

Make sure not to confuse LPG (propane) with butane gas. Butane has a higher boiling point and is commonly used as a propellant for vehicles and refrigerant for industrial usage.

Where to find SWAP’n’GO

If you are travelling, camping, or setting up your new BBQ for summer fun, you will need a suitable gas cylinder to match your outdoor style. You will also need to know where your nearest SWAP’n’GO depot is so you can top up your gas on the go wherever you are. With close to 1,000 SWAP’n’GO Depots around Australia, there’s bound to be one near you in NSW, VIC, QLD, and other Australian states. It really is that convenient with Elgas!

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are used to power a wide range of appliances. If you are planning more than a day or two away or hosting lots of BBQs, a 9kg gas bottle is the right choice. It’s worth having a replacement 9kg or 4kg gas bottle also. LPG is versatile, and with the addition of more cylinders, you can power fridges and freezers, run hot water systems, and cook dinner, all powered by LPG.

9kg Gas Bottle

A 9kg gas bottle is considered the standard-size BBQ gas bottle. 9kg represents the nominal weight of the gas contents. A 9kg gas bottle weighs approximately 17.5 kg when full, light enough to be portable for a wide range of purposes.

A 9kg gas bottle provides enough gas supply to run a portable 2 burner gas cooker for around 15 hours with the gas turned up quite high. It will last even longer on lower settings or with only one burner being used. In other words, a 9kg LPG gas cylinder can be used for all your cooking or barbeque needs and a whole lot more. LPG can be used for:

  • cooking
  • heating
  • lighting
  • hot water
  • refrigeration

A 9kg gas bottle can be a smart reserve cylinder if you use only one 45kg cylinder at home and need a fast temporary hook-up when the gas runs out. Both types of cylinders have the same connections, hose fittings and gas regulators.

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles refill valves

There are two common BBQ-style gas bottle refill valve types.

1. The standard SWAP’n’GO gas bottle valve in Australia is a POL fitting valve.

2. There are also Camper Valves fitted to 4kg camper SWAP’n’GO propane gas bottles. Camper valves and adaptors are for appliances designed for Campervan, caravan, and motorhome valve use.

SWAP’n’GO complies with all Australian Standards for Caravan LPG Gas Bottles.

Cylinder capacity of 9kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles

Actual Fill Cylinder Capacity: 8.5kg

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Diameter: 309-335mm

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Height: 450-525mm

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Tare (empty) Weight: 7.8-10.4kg

Cylinder capacity of 4kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottles

Actual Fill Cylinder Capacity: 3.7kg

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Diameter: 240-265m

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Height: 345-450mm

BBQ Gas Bottle Dimensions Tare (empty) Weight: 4.5-6.6kg

Additional Elgas services
  • We transport used gas bottles back to our processing plant for washing, refurbishment, repainting, and refilling.
  • We accept out-of-date gas bottles in-store at no extra charge and only refill those with valid test dates.
  • If a gas bottle has reached its expiry, we perform the required inspections and replace the valve.
  • We ensure older gas bottles are safe for recycling by removing any traces of gas.
  • SWAP’n’GO uses digital scales to ensure proper and safe filling based on the cylinder weight.
  • We perform two leak checks on each gas bottle we refill.
  • We cover the gas bottles with protective netting to help prevent scrapes and scratches during transport.
  • A quality assurance seal is also placed around the gas bottle collar so you know that the gas bottle was filled and safety-checked by SWAP’n’GO.
  • We ensure that you get an as-new, fully inspected, accurately filled and leak-checked gas bottle ready to go, with no waiting.

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