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BBQ Gas Bottle Refill

19 Apr, 2024 | SWAP'N'GO Blogs

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Everything about BBQ gas bottle refills- where and how as well as other options like BBQ gas bottle exchange.
ELGAS BBQ cylinder use duration

Swap’n’Go is how Australians do gas bottle exchange. Swap’n’Go is an Australia-wide network of service centres where you can swap empty 9kg and 4kg LPG BBQ gas bottles for a new one in no time.


Gas for your BBQ or campsite with easy gas bottle refills

SWAP’n’GO gas bottle exchange is a fast and safe way to refill an LPG gas bottle. With more than 6,000 SWAP’n’GO dealers Australia-wide, you won’t have to wait around to get your gas bottle refilled. SWAP’n’GO is a convenient one-stop shop. Elgas SWAP’n’GO partners can be found all around Australia at service stations and other providers. Use our handy SWAP’n’GO locator app to find your closest swap partner where you can SWAP’n’GO with a full gas cylinder ready for your next destination.


Need a gas bottle refill? Visit a SWAP’n’GO dealer

Whether you want to swap for a replacement bottle, fill your own gas bottle, or purchase a new cylinder, SWAP’n’GO is the place to go. Our gas bottles are portable and filled with clean-burning LPG used for barbeques, camp stoves, outdoor lighting and more. For a versatile and multipurpose power source, look no further than Elgas 4kg and 9kg gas refill bottles at your nearest SWAP’n’GO dealer.


Exchange your out-of-date gas bottle

SWAP’n’GO gas exchange is all about convenience. It’s as easy as swapping your empty gas bottle for a full one, and off you go! There’s no waiting for someone to manually refill your SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle. Advantages include:

  • No need to worry about gas bottle expiry dates
  • All SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are refurbished and leak tested
  • Digital refilling scales ensure you get a full gas bottle every time
  • SWAP’n’GO includes updated valve connections to suit new appliances
Refill portable LPG gas cylinders

SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are used for wide-ranging purposes. From backyard BBQs and fire pits to catering, cooktops, lighting, heaters, and campervan appliances. 9kg gas bottles are the perfect fit for the car, and the built-in hand-grip makes them easy to carry even when full of pressurised LPG gas (propane). For power backup, refill a portable 9kg or 4kg gas bottle.


Get a gas bottle exchange for your next BBQ

SWAP’n’GO is how Australians do BBQs. Gas bottle refill is easy, and there’s bound to be a handy SWAP’n’GO location with friendly staff near you. In-store convenience plus highly competitive retail prices set the Elgas service apart from our competitors. Use our handy online SWAP’n’GO search tool to find retailers in your area. For BBQ safety and performance every time, you can trust SWAP’n’GO and Elgas.


Choosing the right size LPG gas bottle for your needs beyond BBQ

In addition to BBQ, LPG has multiple uses as it’s a highly efficient energy source, incredibly light and can be forced under pressure into various gas bottle sizes. Gas is a plentiful energy source in NSW, VIC, QLD and other Australian states. The gas bottle (cylinder) choices are all yours with sizes that include:

4kg – Extremely handy backup supply and the perfect lightweight camping or BBQ solution. Use for cooking and lighting.

9kg – Easily stowed around the house, in the garage or in the car, a 9kg gas cylinder is the go-anywhere favourite with SWAP’n’GO customers.

45kg – The household LPG gas solution for cooking, heating and hot water. Keep two cylinders at home: when one is empty, swap it with the other and order a replacement cylinder from Elgas.

90kg – For large households and businesses, 90kg gas cylinders are delivered to you and replaced when empty. It really is that easy!

210kg – Perfect for high-volume use and refillable by tanker delivery. That’s a hassle-free gas connection and service from Elgas.


Testing your LPG gas bottle

LPG is very safe when used appropriately, but it’s essential to have a gas bottle in perfect working order. That’s where SWAP’n’GO comes into the picture with fully tested and regularly maintained gas bottles you can trust. All SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are now fitted with a new and improved connection valve. The new valve looks a little different but is considered even safer. It’s designed to fit with your existing BBQ or cooker, so you can swap and go with confidence.

The difference between propane and butane

Propane and Butane are both members of the LPG family. When comparing propane and butane, the most significant difference is the boiling point of the two gases. Propane (LPG) has a boiling temperature of -42°C, whilst butane has a higher boiling point of -2°C.

Propane is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that is liquefied through pressurisation. It’s commonly used for heating, cooking, and hot water. Butane is derived from natural gas processing and is commonly used as a fuel, propellant, or refrigerant.

What should you do with your old gas bottle?

If your old barbecue gas bottle is empty you can take it to your nearest SWAP’n’GO retailer for an exchange bottle. We take your old bottle off your hands for inspection and refurbishment into as-new condition. All SWAP’n’GO bottles are regularly inspected.

If using larger gas cylinders for home or business appliances or machinery, you can schedule a new cylinder delivery when yours is empty. It’s a good idea to keep two cylinders on site so you never run out of gas.



What are 9kg gas bottles used for?

9kg LPG cylinders are perfect for outdoor appliances such as BBQs, outdoor lighting, gas heaters, camp ovens, coolers, and other applications. It’s no understatement to say that every family should own one or two SWAP’n’GO 9kg gas bottles plus a backup 4kg bottle.


How many kilograms of LPG is in a 9kg gas bottle?

A 9kg BBQ gas bottle holds 8.5kg of LPG. This is because various gas bottle manufacturers make bottles of slightly different dimensions. SWAP’n’GO refill ensures the same amount of LPG is delivered to every customer, safe and ready for use.

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