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BBQ bottle size- 9kg or 85kg?

22 Apr, 2024 | SWAP'N'GO Blogs

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Ready reckoner on BBQ bottle sizes - 9kg or 85kg , should you swap or refill, how to select the right size for your needs and more
BBQ bottle remove and attach

A 9kg gas bottle is considered the standard-size BBQ gas bottle and is roughly equivalent to a 20 lb. propane tank. LPG is called Propane in the United States, while Butane is also classified as a liquified petroleum gas (LPG). 9kg represents the nominal weight of the gas contents – the bottle weighs approximately 17.5 kg when full.

Why swapping is better than refilling

The simple answer is that you are getting much more than just the gas. Here are some of the services provided to swap customers.

  • The gas bottles are collected from your local dealer and taken back to the processing plant.
  • The gas bottles are then washed to remove any dirt or BBQ grease.
  • The gas bottles are refurbished to ‘nearly new’ condition.
  • Over 50% of the gas bottles are repainted before refilling.
  • Gas bottles with heavy rust are blasted down to the bare metal and then primed and repainted.
  • Most SWAP’n’GO retailers accept out-of-date gas bottles at no extra charge.
  • They check the inspection date on every gas bottle and only fill those with valid test dates.
  • There are no harmful additives used in Elgas LPG.
  • The bottle may have a new valve installed.

Thousands of gas bottles that do not meet standards for quality, safety, or durability are recycled every year. They are made safe for recycling by having any traces of gas removed.

The SWAP’n’GO gas bottle you receive will have been inspected, accurately filled, leak checked, and is ready to go. SWAP’n’GO is available Australia-wide, from about 5,000 locations, so there is sure to be one near you.

9kg gas bottles are lightweight, portable, and used for a wide range of applications. LPG is condensed into a power-packed energy source for BBQs, burners, gas stoves, heaters, camper gas appliances, fridges, freezers, and more.

For home LPG delivery in NSW, QLD, VIC or other Australian states, you can replace the bottle now and pay later. Simply choose the right product for your household and proceed to checkout. We have convenient payment options including automatic debit payments and even gift cards for use on our exclusive products.

‘Standard-sized’ gas bottles

Heavy-duty 9kg gas bottles are ideal for portable BBQs. However, liquid Petroleum (LPG) is highly volatile and a 9kg gas bottle should only be handled by a responsible adult. Here are 5 safety considerations.

Safe LPG gas cylinder storage – Store the gas bottle in a well-ventilated space, upright and away from any ignition source. If possible, use a gas bottle holder to ensure your cylinder doesn’t get knocked over.

Placement of your BBQ – Ensure there is enough ventilation and the BBQ is situated a safe distance away from flammable objects. Children should also be kept at a safe distance. If camping, make sure your gas bottle BBQ is placed at a distance from awnings, gazebos, tents, sleeping bags, swags, tarps, flammable adhesives, etc.

Transporting gas bottles safely – When transporting your gas bottle in a vehicle, make sure the bottle is firmly turned off and securely stowed in an upright position. Don’t leave the cylinder in a hot or enclosed vehicle.

Checking your gas BBQ – Always use the correct gas hoses and spare parts and don’t modify any connections. Damaged hoses or regulators should be replaced. Check hoses for blockages and ensure all connections are snug fitting and secure.

Operating a BBQ gas bottle – Make sure the gas bottle is upright and on a stable base in a position where there is adequate ventilation. Always turn off the gas bottle valve when the BBQ is not in use, even if you think the gas bottle is empty. Don’t operate an LPG bottle while carrying a potential ignition source such as a mobile phone or battery-operated headlamp.

Maintaining your BBQ – You can check leaks in the hose line, adaptors, couplings, fasteners and connectors by running soapy water along the line while the gas cylinder is turned on. Clean the BBQ after every use, apply a light coat of cooking oil to prevent rusting and keep the BBQ grill covered when not in use.

Checking gas bottle level

Finding out how much gas is left in your stainless steel gas bottle is easy – but first comes the basic science. To turn from liquid to vapour, liquid LPG draws heat from the steel gas bottle. This makes the gas bottle feel cold compared to the outside temperature. When using gas, the bottle can get cold enough for ice to form on the outside the bottle. Find out how much gas is left in a few simple steps.

1. Fill a bucket with hot water (not boiling).

2. Slowly pour the warm water down one side of the gas bottle.

3. A line of condensation may appear, indicating the gas level. If not:

3. Wait a few seconds then feel the side of the gas bottle where the water was poured.

4. The bottle should feel noticeably cooler at the level of gas.

5. If you feel no difference, the gas bottle may be empty.

Elgas is your one-stop shop for all LPG supply and delivery, including 45kg cylinders popular for household use and delivered by truck and trolley. Our online and in-store service includes free delivery of replacement cylinders for an instant gas bottle refill. If LPG is on your wishlist for home appliance use or outdoor use, contact Elgas today for the best-priced products and services!

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