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LPG Gas Unit Conversions

25 Jul, 2023 | Residential LPG

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LPG in kg, Litres, MJ, kWh & m³ and Propane Gas Unit Conversion in Pounds, Gallons, BTU, Therms & ft³
ELGAS LPG Gas Unit Conversion

Where LPG is propane, 1kg of LPG has a volume of 1.96 litres. Conversely, 1 litre of LPG weighs 0.51kg.

Gas unit conversion is the comparison of one gas unit measurement with another. Having a given quantity of one gas unit, you convert it to an equivalent amount in another gas unit, with a gas unit conversion formula, table or chart.

We are frequently asked about the various LPG – propane – gas unit conversion (LP gas unit conversion) values.

The first table shown below covers most of the common gas unit conversion measures and gas bottle-cylinder sizes for Australia, including kg, litres, MJ, kWh & m³ (e.g. LPG gas unit conversion of kg to litres is 1kg = 1.96L).

People ask the questions in many ways and the simplest way to answer most of them is with an LPG Gas Unit Conversion (Table two).

LPG Specific Gravity – Density

Unlike water, 1kg of LPG does NOT equal 1L of LPG. This is because the density or specific gravity of LPG is less than water. In Australia, where LPG is propane, 1kg of LPG has a volume of 1.96L. Conversely, 1L of LPG weighs 0.51kg.

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LPG as propane versus LPG as butane

LPG one cubic metre = 1.8315 kg (1 m³ = 1.8315 kg). Whilst propane is 1m³ = 1.8315 kg, butane is 1m³ = 2.4486 kg. Propane and butane have different densities so the lpg cubic meter to kg value is different.

In Australia and the United State, LPG is 95% propane

For butane LPG kg to cubic metre: 1kg = 0.4084 m3 at 25 °C (77 °F)

For butane LPG cubic metre to kg is: 1m3 = 2.4486 kg

Gas Bottle Tare Weight

Tare weight is the empty weight of the gas bottle-cylinder.

Along with the gas bottle dimensions, they can vary greatly by manufacturer and date of manufacture.

For example, older bottles tend to be heavier than more recent versions.

How is LPG Gas Measured for Homes

When Liquefied Petroleum Gas – LPG – is used in the home, LPG gas is typically measured in kilograms. LPG gas in gas bottles is weighed and the price is based on the weight of the gas (e.g. 45kg). When produced, stored or transported, bulk LPG gas is measured in tonnes (e.g. 1,000kg).

Home LPG gas is also measured in litres of gas, if delivery is made by a tanker truck, instead of by gas cylinder exchange. The tanker truck has a gas meter attached to a hose reel that measures the gas as it is pumped into the customers’ vessels.

A common way LPG gas is measured and selling LPG is by weight, in kilograms. There are different sizes of LPG gas bottles and the gas is sold based on the contents of a full bottle. Home LPG gas is measured in 45kg gas bottles.  BBQ gas is typically LPG gas measured and supplied in 9kg gas bottles. These numbers represent the weight of the gas, excluding the tare weight of the gas bottle.

Commonly Used Metrics in Australia

ELGAS LPG Gas Unit Conversion table 1

Commonly used LPG metrics outside Australia

ELGAS LPG Gas Unit Conversion table 2

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