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Cooking with LPG

25 Jun, 2023 | Residential LPG Blogs

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With LPG, enjoy benefits of gas cooking despite being off-grid or not being able to access piped gas.
Cooking with LPG

Almost everyone wants to be able to cook like a professional chef, with a gas cooktop.

Now you can!

LPG is Everywhere!

But how can you enjoy gas cooking if you live in an area without natural gas supply? LPG gas is the answer. LPG gas is available virtually anywhere in Australia and adding it to your all-electric home is easier than you think.

Gas – The Better Way to Cook

Cooking with gas is so much better than using a traditional electric cooktop. Gas provides heat more rapidly and evenly, as the flame wraps around the pan. Temperature control is instantaneous, so you don’t have to move a pot off the burner to stop cooking. Finally, imagine being able to cook a real stir fry in a proper wok, with a gas wok burner!

Easy to Install

Gas cooktops can be fitted into the same space as your old electric cooktop. You just measure your current unit and select a gas cooktop that is the same size. You can even install a larger unit, if you have additional countertop space.  

Cook Like a Pro at an Affordable Price

Best of all, cooking with LPG gas is very affordable. There is a range of affordable LPG burners, cooktops and entire cooking range sets. This includes many with a premium stainless steel finish, wok burner and electronic ignition, so no wasted gas on pilot lights. LPG gas is very affordable, too. The LPG gas for cooking typically costs less than $0.50 per day.

How long will a gas bottle last using an LPG gas cooktop?

That depends on the gas consumption rating of the burners being used. Burner gas consumption is expressed in mega joules or MJ of energy. One litre of LPG has approximately 25MJ of energy content. A 45kg gas bottle contains just a bit more than 88 litres or approximately 2200MJ of energy. So, to determine how long the gas bottle will last, you divide 2200 by the MJ rating of the burner:

Example 1: a small 5MJ/H cooktop burner will run for approximately 440 hours* on a 45kg gas bottle (2200÷5=440)

Example 2: a large 12MJ/H cooktop burner will run for approximately 183 hours* on a 45kg gas bottle (2200÷12=183)
*Please note that the calculations shown assume that you use the burner on its maximum setting.

Gas consumption would be less, and the gas bottle would last longer, on lower settings, such as during simmering. A 45kg gas bottle could last for a year or more when used just for cooking

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