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LPG bottle Disposal

27 Mar, 2023 | Moving home, Residential LPG, SWAP'N'GO

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How and when to dispose existing, old, new LPG bottles of different sizes.
LPG Bottle Disposal

Gas cylinders that can no longer be safely refilled can go to gas cylinder recycling. Recycling the steel and brass saves energy versus producing the metals from raw materials. Gas cylinder disposal should never be mixed in general waste or metal recycling bins. Gas cylinder disposal and gas cylinder recycling need to be done safely.

 Knowing where not to do gas cylinder disposal is just as important as knowing where to dispose of gas cylinders. Careless gas cylinder disposal can cause a safety hazard for the landfill and gas cylinder recycling workers. Compacting or crushing a disposed gas cylinders may result in fire or explosion.

Gas Cylinder Disposal

Some local councils allow gas cylinder disposal at household waste recycling centres. Please check with centre staff regarding the proper location for safe storage of gas cylinder disposals prior to gas cylinder recycling. As a free community service, ELGAS accepts 9kg and 4kg gas cylinder disposal for safe gas cylinder recycling. We safely remove any traces of gas, remove the valves and then either refurbish the gas cylinder or put a big puncture in the gas cylinder disposal for gas cylinder recycling.

Gas cylinder disposals do not have to be old gas cylinders. Some people find that they just don’t need their gas cylinders any longer and require gas cylinder disposal. These cylinders will be inspected and refurbished, avoiding disposal and recycling.

Gas cylinders disposal is more typical, with damaged, rusted or out-of-date gas cylinders. damaged and/or gas cylinders too must never be put in general waste or metal recycling bins. They need to be recycled safely.

Gas cylinders that are damaged, perished in any way, or unsuitable for refilling for any reason, are condemned and recycled for scrap. Before they can be scrapped and recycled, old gas cylinders must be degassed, have the valves removed and punctured to indicated their safe status for recycling.

With the big puncture in the old gas cylinder, the metal gas cylinder recycling workers know that the gas cylinders are safely decommissioned and gas-free.

SWAP’n’GO Helps with recycling and disposal

If the gas cylinder is out of date and you decide to dispose of the gas cylinder instead of the expense for re-testing, take it to SWAP’n’GO® instead. SWAP’n’GO accepts out-of-date gas cylinders at no extra charge, so you can completely avoid gas cylinder disposal.

We offer free old gas cylinder disposal (dispose of gas cylinders free) so you can safely dispose of 9kg or 4kg gas cylinders at no expense. Just take your 9kg or 4kg gas cylinders to your nearest ELGAS branch or depot.

Please note that this is for 9kg and 4kg gas cylinders only. Other sizes are not eligible.

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