Safe Communities at ELGAS Pinkenba

Safe Communities at Elgas Pinkenba

ELGAS Everyone Home SafelyElgas operates an LPG Storage, filling and distribution site at Pinkenba in Queensland.

The site has been operated by Elgas since 2015, and operates in parallel with our Lytton, QLD site to serve the LPG Market both locally and across QLD.

LPG is delivered to the precinct via ship in large LPG carrier vessels. The gas is pumped to the two large on-site storage tanks. It is then pumped into tankers for bulk delivery to customers or other Elgas sites, or filled into smaller cylinders on site for distribution to customers.

The site’s main operating hours are weekdays from 5am to 2pm, however some operations extend from early morning to late evening, and on weekends, according to demand.

Elgas Pinkenba is classified as a Major Hazard Facility (MHF) under the Occupational Health and Safety (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations (QLD) 2011. The site operates under a Safety Case summarises site operations, the safety management system and the safety assessment. 

LPG is regarded as a safe, reliable and easily transportable form of energy. We have the infrastructure and systems in place to protect all our people and the community. Our overarching goal is that everyone goes home safely at the end of each day.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the site has systems in place to manage the incident and keep our people and the community safe. This includes an evacuation alarm which is tested monthly.

This alarm (siren) is in place to alert people on site to execute emergency procedures. In this situation, members of the public do not need to take action but should stay clear of the site and follow the instruction of emergency services.

Elgas also works with other operators in the precinct through the Gateway Mutual Aid Group (GMAG) which brings together businesses in the area to formalise cooperation in preventing or mitigating serious incidents, and risk to people.


You can contact your local Elgas on 131 161

Elgas 24 Hour Emergency Line: 1800 819 783

Emergency Services: 000

QLD Depot Operations Manager: Rodrigo De Luca, (07) 3893 6100

Pinkenba Aerial View