Safe Communities at ELGAS Deer Park

Safe Communities at Elgas Deer Park

ELGAS Everyone Home SafelyWe are committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.

Who are we?

Elgas operates a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage, road tanker loading and unloading, cylinder filling and distribution facility on a site located at 61 Radnor Drive, Deer Park. Elgas has been operating in Australia since 1984 and is a member of the Linde Group, the world’s largest provider of gas and related products, services and applications technology.

The majority of LPG stored and distributed from site is propane. We also store and distribute a small quantity of industrial gases, these are typically Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and a range of specialty gas mixtures.

Safety is our business

The Occupational Health and Safety (Major Hazard Facility) Regulations require MHF sites to develop a Safety Case which demonstrates to the relevant authorities and the local community that:

  • The site is operated in a safe manner
  • Measures are in place to prevent and effectively manage major incidents
  • Risks to personnel and property are reduced so far as reasonably practicable

We are committed to safe operations in order to protect our people, the public and also our businesses.

Safety Case

We developed our Safety Case in consultation with WorkSafe Victoria and various internal and external stakeholders. The Safety Case includes information on:

  • Site details
  • Materials kept or likely to be kept on site
  • Identified hazards and associated control measures
  • Potential major incidents
  • Potential magnitude of a major incident
  • Consultation processes
  • Emergency response

In our Safety Case we demonstrate that:

  • All hazards on our site have been identified
  • We have control measures in place to prevent a major incident occurring.
  • In the unlikely event of an incident occurring, we have controls in place to mitigate the incident and prevent it from escalating.

A summary of the current version of the safety case is available at the local library. Further information of Major Hazard Facilities and the Safety Case in general can be found on the Victorian Governments website


In case of Major Incident

In the unlikely event of a major incident at the Elgas Deer Park Depot, a site representative or Victorian Police will contact you. If contacted (unless directed otherwise):

  • Stay indoors, close windows and doors, and switch off air conditioners and exhaust fans
  • Prepare to leave the premises
  • Leave if asked to do so by the Victorian Police

do NOT try to get closer to the incident. Victorian Police will assume control of any incidents requiring emergency services response. The site is constantly manned; initial emergency response will be provided by Elgas until the Police assume control. If you yould like more information about our site, or would like to discuss any specific issues with us, please contact:




You can contact your local Elgas on 131 161

Elgas 24 Hour Emergency Line: 1800 819 783

Emergency Services : 000

If you yould like more information about our site, or would like to discuss any specific issues with us, please contact:

Depot Operations Manager (Vic/Tas)


120 Greens Rd

Dandenong Vic 3175

Phone: (03) 9767 4318


Plant Manager Deer Park


61 Radhor Drive

Deer Park

Phone: (03) 8372 6796

Deer Park Aerial View