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Gas Bottle Exchange - Where to Swap BBQ Gas Bottles

SWAP'n'GO gas bottle exchange is available nationwide including at Bunnings, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, Coles, BP, Caltex, and quality independent retailers

SWAP'n'GO is Close & Convenient - Fast, Safe & Easy

There are thousands of SWAP'n'GO® retailers around the country so you never have to go very far to find a fresh full LPG bottle.

Just use our convenient app...

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Gas bottle exchange locations.  You will also find SWAP'n'GO at most locations of the following quality retailers:

Bring your 4kg & 9k gas bottles to 7-Eleven
Bring your 4kg & 9kg to Woolworths
SWAP'n'GO from Bunnings
Bring your 4kg & 9k gas bottles to Caltex
SWAP'n'GO from Coles Express
SWAP'n'GO from BP
Swap your 4kg & 9k gas bottles at Ray's Outdoors
Bring your 4kg & 9kg bottles to BOC