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Moving Into A New Home

Join Elgas Today!

At Elgas, we can get your LPG connected for all of your cooking, heating and hot water needs.

Whether you are buying or renting a new home with LPG, we have got you covered and can get you set up in no time at all.

If your home is already supplied by Elgas, we can quickly set up your online account and make sure everything is organised for your LP Gas supply.

Changing from another supplier and moving with Elgas is simple. Just leave the switching over of cylinders to Elgas, and we’ll get your new connection arranged, along with your new account.

We can also help you update your LP Gas appliances. At Elgas we work with a large range of home appliance manufacturers to supply the latest in LP Gas cooktops, ovens, log fire heaters and a variety of hot water units.

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Elgas Is Your Local, Safe, Reliable LP Gas Supplier

Local Supply

At Elgas we have a 45kg gas bottle exchange program and an automatic Easygas tanker refill delivery program supplying auto scheduled LPG to above ground cylinders or into our Easygas Downunder cylinders at your home. Call 131 161, and you will be directed to your local branch, and connected with one of our team who can provide a quick quote. Or you can complete a Request for Quote form, and we’ll respond with a quote for your supply of LP Gas to your home.


24/7 Support

At Elgas we understand that our customers may want support at any time of the day. We have local call centers and 24/7 back up telephony support, all with friendly customer service officers ready to answer your questions. Our My Account App & online portal allows you to manage your account online whenever you want.


Appliance Store

If you purchase your LPG directly from Elgas, you purchase your LPG home appliances on our interest free Easy Payment PlanTM. Select an LPG cook top, hot water system, LPG heater or log fire place and you can choose to extend your payments over 12 months, interest free*.



For Easygas deliveries, we supply either 45kg, 90kg or 210kg LP Gas bottles, depending on your usage, and automatically schedule bulk tanker deliveries to your home.

The LP Gas bottles remain at your home and are connected to your home regulator and piping to your appliances. We simply need access for the bulk tanker trucks at your home, and our drivers need to be able to see the truck whilst refilling with the bulk tanker hose.

Easygas DownUnderTM is available in most areas, and the LP Gas bottle is stored safely underground and out of sight. Placement of the gas bottle underground and capped with a flame retardant lid makes this option ideal for bushfire prone areas. Please call to check availability in your area.

With Easygas, we monitor your LP Gas bottle usage and schedule deliveries to your home. There is no need to check your gas bottles, or remember to reorder.


For home exchange delivery we supply two 45kg LP Gas bottles. These are linked by either an automatic or manual changeover valve, and connected to your home regulator and piping to your appliances.

We deliver full LPG bottles to your home and remove the empty LPG bottles. Simply call us when one of the 45kg LP Gas bottle is empty and we will exchange it for a full 45kg LP Gas bottle.

You can also reorder your LPG refill on the My Account App, or online My Account portal. We will also send you an SMS text message to remind you when it’s time to check your LP Gas bottles.