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Forklift Gas Bottle Supply

Elgas Forklift Premium Supply

At Elgas we can supply 15kg forklift gas bottles (15kg LPG cylinder) delivered to your premises, or supply bulk LPG for onsite forklift gas cylinder refilling.

Forklift gas is LPG gas used to fuel LPG forklifts, which use internal combustion engines. Provided in 15kg gas bottle (15kg LPG cylinder) or 18kg LPG forklift gas bottles, a forklift gas bottle is mounted horizontally on the LPG forklift and filled with forklift gas, which can be either propane, butane or a mixture of the two. Elgas LPG forklift gas is propane. The forklift gas bottle is a liquid withdrawal LPG cylinder mounted horizontally on the back of the LPG forklift.

We can provide a fast and dependable forklift gas bottle supply and forklift gas refill, at a very competitive forklift gas bottle price, to keep your business moving.

Elgas Forklift Premium forklift gas consists of +95% pure propane forklift gas.

This forklift gas makes it cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

And our forklift gas delivery reliability is second to none.

We keep you moving!





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Forklift Gas Bottle Sizes

At Elgas we can supply either aluminium 15kg gas bottles of 18kg steel forklift gas bottles. Both of these forklift gas bottles are designed to be used horizontally on the back of the LPG forklift. Forklifts use liquid withdrawal forklift gas bottles.

Typically the lighter 15kg gas bottle is used where the cylinder needs to be removed from the forklift when empty and replaced with a full gas bottle.

15kg Gas Bottle 18kg Gas Bottle
  • Aluminium
  • 29.4lt of LPG
  • 735mm in height
  • 305mm in diameter
  • empty weight of 9.7kg
  • full weight of 24.7kg
  • Steel
  • 35.3lt of LPG
  • 830mm in height
  • 310mm in diameter
  • empty weight of 18.0kg
  • full weight of 36.0kg


Forklift Gas Exchange Service

Across Australia we have an extensive forklift gas bottle supply network to provide regular delivery services to keep your forklifts moving.

We can establish a new site working quickly with exchange forklift gas bottle supply.

Our local customer account managers can arrange suitable storage cages and signage to ensure your site is safe and compliant.

All of our cylinders are inspected each time they are filled, and our filling stations are all Weights & Measures approved.

Click to see LPG Forklift Gas Bottle Changeover Procedure 

Bulk Forklift Gas Supply

Bulk LPG forklift gas refill deliveries are made by tanker into a forklift gas storage vessel. You can refill forklift gas bottles onsite at any time.

Onsite LPG Forklift Gas Refill comes with three forklift gas supply options.

We can tailor the forklift gas supply to meet your exact needs:

1. Onsite LPG forklift gas refill decanting for smaller forklift gas quantities

2. Modular LPG forklift gas refill pump units with 820 and 1640 litre storage for medium loads

3. Up to 6,000-litre LPG forklift gas storage with fast filling 3 phase pumps for larger loads

Supply from Elgas includes LPG forklift gas safety and training manuals and onsite support.

We will also provide regular safety checks and forklift gas training from a certified trainer.