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Get forklift gas bottle supply with 15kg forklift gas bottle (15kg LPG cylinder) and 18kg forklift gas bottle delivered to you or forklift gas refill on-site. The 15kg gas bottle (15kg LPG cylinder) or 18kg forklift gas bottle is a liquid withdrawl LPG cylinders mounted horizontally on the back of the LPG forklift.

A fast and dependable forklift gas bottle supply and forklift gas refill, at a very competitive forklift gas bottle prices, to keep your business moving.



Forklift Gas

Forklift gas is LPG gas used to fuel LPG forklifts, which use internal combustion engines. Provided in 15kg gas bottle (15kg LPG cylinder) or 18kg LPG forklift gas bottles, a forklift gas bottle is mounted horizontally on the LPG forklift and filled with forklift gas, which can be either propane, butane or a mixture of the two. Elgas LPG forklift gas is propane.


Unlike electric forklifts, which can take hours to recharge, LPG forklifts can be refueled with forklift gas in a matter of minutes.

Elgas Forklift Premium forklift gas consists of +95% pure propane forklift gas.

This forklift gas makes it cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

Our forklift gas high level of purity also results in lower exhaust emissions.

And our forklift gas delivery reliability is second to none.

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Forklift Gas Bottles: 15kg Gas Bottle, 15kg LPG cylinder, 18kg Forklift Gas Bottle

A forklift gas bottle is used to fuel an LPG forklift with forklift gas. They are supplied in either aluminium 15kg gas bottle (15kg LPG cylinder) or 18kg steel forklift gas bottle sizes. A forklift gas bottle is designed to be used horizontally on the back of the LPG forklift. Forklifts use liquid withdrawl forklift gas bottles.

There are 29.4 litres of LPG in a 15kg LPG cylinder (15kg gas bottle). There are 35.3L litres of LPG in a 18kg forklift gas bottle.

An aluminium 15kg LPG cylinder (15kg gas bottle) is 735mm in height, 305mm in diameter, has a cylinder capacity of 29.4 litres, an empty weight of 9.7kg and a full weight of 24.7kg. A steel 18kg forklift gas bottle is 830mm in height, 310mm in diameter, has a cylinder capacity of 35.3 litres, an empty weight of 18.0kg and a full weight of 36.0kg.


Forklift Gas Refill Exchange Service for 15kg Gas Bottle, 15kg LPG cylinder, 18kg Forklift Gas Bottle

♦ Order your forklift gas bottles or forklift gas refill today and we will deliver forklift gas tomorrow to your business.

♦ Regular forklift gas bottle milk run delivery service to keep you moving

♦ Our forklift gas bottle exchange service requires little space

♦ There are two forklift gas options with Forklift Gas Bottle Sizes

♦ Establish a new site working quickly with forklift gas bottle supply (no installation delays and costs)

♦ Our forklift gas bottles are inspected each time they are filled

♦ LPG forklift gas bottle content is controlled by electronic filling

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Bulk Forklift Gas Supply


Bulk LPG forklift gas refill deliveries are made, by tanker, into a forklift gas storage vessel. You can refill forklift gas bottles onsite at any time.

Onsite LPG Forklift Gas Refill comes with three forklift gas supply options.

We can tailor the forklift gas supply to meet your exact needs:

1. Onsite LPG forklift gas refill decanting for smaller forklift gas quantities

2. Modular LPG forklift gas refill pump units with 820 and 1640 Litre storage for medium loads

3. Up to 6,000-litre LPG forklift gas storage with fast filling 3 phase pumps for larger loads

Full LPG forklift gas safety and training manuals and support are provided.

Elgas will provide regular safety checks and forklift gas training free of charge.

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Don’t Pick the Wrong Type of Forklift

If your business uses forklifts, it is important to pick the right type.

There are three primary options: LPG Gas, Diesel and Electric.

The following is a review, by type, to help you make an informed decision when acquiring new or additional forklifts for your business.


LPG Gas Bottle Forklifts

LPG forklifts are capable of maintaining 100% power throughout the day.

They have the ability to push heavy loads at full capacity, up and down gradients faster and for a longer amount of time than electric forklifts.

The initial capital cost is generally lower when compared with either electric or diesel forklifts

LPG forklifts can also be used both indoors and outdoors, unlike their electric and diesel counterparts.

This increased flexibility is essential if your business has both yard and warehouse storage applications.

Indoor workspaces should be ventilated

The time required to refuel an LPG forklift is much less when compared to electric powered forklifts.

It takes only five minutes to refill or change an LPG cylinder.

In contrast, an electric forklift could take up to eight hours to recharge.

So, you have no down time or the added cost of acquiring extra batteries.

Finally, an LPG cylinder storage cage or LPG refuelling station saves valuable indoor storage space, when compared to an electric recharge station, as the LPG is stored outdoors.

Cylinder storage cages are typically provided by your forklift gas supplier.


Electric Forklifts

Battery-operated electric forklifts do not produce tailpipe emissions and are quiet in use.

Food processing companies sometimes prefer electric forklifts because they produce no fumes.

While good for indoor use, they are generally unsuitable for outdoor applications.

While electric forklifts are ‘greener’ on site, most of the Australian electricity used for the recharging comes from coal fired generating facilities.

So, the resultant greenhouse gas emissions are based on this use of coal.

Electric forklifts must have a charged battery to operate.

Forgetting to charge the battery overnight could result in significant productivity losses the next day, particularly when the business operates with one or a limited number of forklifts.

Also, while a battery is charging, the forklift is unavailable for use, unless you invest in a unit with easily changeable batteries and the spare battery packs.

Charging typically takes 8 hours, although some units do charge faster.

Due to battery and recharging requirements, the initial investment for an electric forklift is usually much higher than the other options.

In addition, chargers have certain voltage and amperage requirements.

Your existing electrical service may not meet these requirements, necessitating additional expense to remedy.

In addition, the battery charging station takes up valuable warehouse space, including the ‘parking spaces’ required for the forklifts while charging.


Diesel Forklifts

Because these are internal combustion engines, which create exhaust fumes and diesel particulate matter, this option is not safe for indoor use.

The cost of acquisition for diesel forklifts is generally higher than LPG but lower than electric models.

Diesel forklifts require more space to manoeuvre than the LPG or electric alternatives, since these units are larger in size.

However, diesel models generally provide more torque output than the alternatives.

Diesel models are good for sustained heavy loads.

One worrisome aspect of diesel forklifts is the operator health issue.

The dirty black smoke that is seen coming from diesel vehicles is a fine particulate matter which is carcinogenic.

Experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) say diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans.

While this may not be much of an issue with truck drivers, who sit in an enclosed cab, forklift operators are in close proximity to the exhaust.

Click to see MSDS for Forklift Gas (LPG)


Forklift Gas Delivery Coverage Areas

We deliver forklift gas to all capital cities and regional centres, as well as most of regional Australia.
So, if you need forklift gas just open a new account online now.


Here are but a few of our distribution areas:

Forklift Gas Bottle Supply – Coffs Harbour & Port Macquarie

Forklift Gas Bottle Supply – Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo & Latrobe Valley

Forklift Gas Bottle Supply – Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Geraldton & Kalgoorlie

Forklift Gas Bottle Supply – Tamworth, Orange, Dubbo & Bathurst

Forklift Gas Bottle Supply – Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Rockhampton

Please call for all other areas, as we service virtually all of Australia


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