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All about LPG Power Generators

27 Jun, 2023 | Business LPG, Residential LPG

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A quick look at LPG generator benefits
LPG Portable Power Generator

LPG portable gas generators are designed for use at work, home, outdoor camps, RV, outdoor projects & during emergencies. They connect to 8.5kg & 45kg gas bottles.

LPG Generator

An LPG generator is an electrical generator powered by an internal combustion engine, using LPG as its fuel.  They come in all sizes from small portable units to larger gas turbine powered commercial units. LPG generators have the huge advantage of a fuel with an unlimited shelf life. Unlike petrol (gasoline) and diesel, LPG never goes bad so your LPG generator is always ready to go. The LPG can be supplied via small (8.5kg) camping sized gas bottles or much larger vessels – sized in tonnes. For the range of LPG cylinder sizes click HERE.

Versatile LPG Generators

LPG generators are perfect for camping, RVs, outdoor work projects, emergencies and many other applications. Connecting to standard 8.5kg or 45kg LPG gas bottles, they eliminate the need to have any additional fuel supplies.

These LPG generator sets are easy to operate, use and maintain. They produce no visible exhaust and lower emissions than petrol and diesel powered generators. LPG fuelled generator sets are also more durable and reliable than comparable petrol powered units and have a longer life span.

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