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Best Hot Water System

Searching instantaneous gas hot water system reviews for best water heater reliability in Australia can get confusing. Elgas cuts through the chatter to deliver solutions that include tankless heat flow systems that deliver instant hot water without the need for a storage tank.

Best Gas Hot Water System: Best Instant Hot Water System

What is the best hot water heater system? The best system for you will depend on choosing a style that meets your needs. Your preference may be for an electric hot water system, gas hot water system, instant (instantaneous) hot water system, heat pump hot water, or continuous hot water.

Instant gas hot water systems are popular for all the right reasons. Examples include the Rinnai models, considered to be reliable, efficient and good value. Naturally, you will be making several purchasing decisions.

  • What size water heater service do I need?
  • What is the best hot water system price?
  • Can I also connect gas cooking and room heating?

Elgas helps you review new hot water systems that meet Australian standards. We are committed to lowering energy consumption by recommending high-star energy rating appliances for cost effective energy and water supply. We’re here to help you make an informed decision.

1. Best Electric Hot Water System

When looking for the best electric hot water system (hot water heater), keep an eye out for good reviews and ratings. The size, model, and price should all be considered. tank.

2. Best Gas Hot Water System

Among the best gas hot water systems recommended by Elgas are Rinnai, Bosch and DUX. These high quality, energy efficient units are good value for money and ideal for use with natural gas or LPG.

3. Gas vs Electric Hot Water

Given that hot water often consumes around 25% of a home’s energy budget, you really want the best hot water system for the best available price. Factors to consider include upfront purchase cost, installation cost and ongoing running costs.

With instantaneous gas hot water, or continuous flow hot water systems, no energy or water is wasted, resulting in monthly savings on your energy bill.

Best Water Heater Brands

Elgas is proud to partner with internationally acclaimed hot water system brands that include Bosch, Rinnai, DUX and Rheem. All our products are hand chosen as sustainable, cost-effective water heating solutions, including gas boosted solar hot water systems by Rinnai. The set-up purchase and installation costs of solar energy are offset by big monthly savings on energy bills.

Most Efficient Gas Hot Water Heater

Some energy efficient gas hot water systems a 6 or 7 star energy rating. With power costs rising, it makes sense to invest in energy efficient appliances that will save you money over time. Instantaneous gas hot water systems are considered the most energy efficient apart from solar systems.

With instant gas, you get immediate hot water. Natural gas doesn’t require on-site gas storage, while LPG users keep the gas bottles outside. Make more space in your home by removing the cumbersome and inefficient electric water heater. Run your instantaneous system with natural gas or LPG from Elgas.

Compare Best Hot Water System Prices

Every kind of system has its pros and cons, but gas water systems offer a heap of benefits that will make your life easier for best available tariffs. When comparing price, make sure to factor in all the benefits of instantaneous gas hot water, including:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Gas systems use gas to heat water, rather than electricity. This means that using a gas system rather than electric can have environmental benefits. If you want to reduce waste and harmful emissions, a gas system could be the right choice for you.
  2. Cost-Effective: Many gas options are continuous flow systems. This means that instead of heating water that is stored in a water tank, water is only heated when needed. Your energy costs are reduced every time you need to use hot water.
  3. Saves On Space: Traditional water heating systems use bulky water tanks. Instant gas hot water systems, on the other hand, are tankless, stainless steel, and small enough to be mounted on a wall. With no big water tank, you can save a lot of space.
  4. No Danger Of Rust: When using a gas system, your hot water is not stored in a large tank. You won’t need to worry about your unsightly tank getting rusty or leaking.
  5. Cleaner Water: When your water is not stored in a potentially rusty tank, it’ll be cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Check out instantaneous gas, hot water tanks, and solar hot water systems.

Best Gas Instant Hot Water System Prices

Best Price on Hot Water Tanks

Best Price Solar Hot Water System

Hot Water Service – A Review of Your Choices

If you’re still undecided, don’t worry, Elgas can assist! Our team of trained and experienced plumbers and specialists can visit your home or business and help you choose the hot water system that perfectly fits your specific needs. With professional workmanship and assistance, plus a comprehensive warranty, you can purchase with confidence at Elgas, Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like advice or assistance with installation, we’re here for that too. With our decades of experience on our side, we know exactly how to install the best value hot water system for your household.

To make sure your home has temperature-controlled instant hot water year-round, periodic maintenance checks are advised. With regular service from Elgas systems experts, plus products made by highly regarded brands, you can enjoy energy efficient and cost-effective hot water as long as you like.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Gas boosted solar hot water heaters have low running costs and few greenhouse gas emissions, but they are more expensive to install. They can be equipped with a booster unit for periods without sufficient sunlight. Solar hot water system boosters can be electric, natural gas or LPG gas.

It is important that you purchase gas boosted solar hot water with a sufficient number of solar panels and sufficient tank storage, so that the booster is not overused. Your roof configuration also needs to be compatible with gas boosted solar hot water.

The gas boosted solar hot water option may take a number of days to install. You may be eligible for solar system installation rebates.

Compare Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pump hot water heats your water by extracting heat from the ambient outside air, similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner heating a room.  Heat pump hot water is a viable electric hot water system that some people without gas prefer.

Heat pump hot water is kept in a tank, similar to other tank storage systems. Heat pump hot water can be reasonably efficient and have low greenhouse gas emissions but the upfront costs are substantial. Heat pump hot water systems also have many more moving parts than instantaneous gas systems, and if things go wrong you may need a plumber, mechanic, or electrician to repair the system.

Heat pump systems are also noisy, and when used in off-peak times can be a disturbance to the neighbours. Instant gas hot water is a cost-effective alternative to electric heat pump systems, and Elgas customers are the big winners.

The best gas instantaneous (continuous) hot water system can have energy efficiency ratings up to 7-star. They are also compact, sturdy, aesthetically attractive, and best of all provide a continuous flow of temperature controlled hot water that never runs out. Tankless gas instantaneous hot water systems are preferred as they provide hot water on demand whenever you turn on the tap, as you need it.

These units only heat the water as it passes through so there is no storage tank. This also means you never run out of hot water. Running costs are comparable to heat pump and electric units, while the upfront costs are much lower with the best gas instant hot water systems. Gas-assisted solar hot water storage also an option.

Instant gas hot water creates few harmful emissions compared to electric storage, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Available in both natural gas and LPG versions, these units are very energy efficient, with 6-Star or better ratings for the best gas instantaneous hot water system.

How a tankless water heater works

Tankless gas hot water has been around for generations, but it still seems magical. Without a visible power point or heating element in sight regular water is transformed into an endless supply of hot water. Here’s how a tankless water heater works in summary.

  • Cold water flows into the water heater when a hot water tap is opened inside your home.
  • The water flow is detected by a sensor that ignites the gas burner, to heat the water in the heat exchanger.
  • The water typically follows a serpentine pattern through the heat exchanger, absorbing as much heat as possible.
  • An electronic control unit modulates the gas burner to maintain a set water temperature.

With a continuous hot water system, bacterial growth is not an issue and water temperature is easily and immediately controlled and adjusted. See all the details on:

Combustion Efficiency & Star Ratings

When it comes to energy efficiency, many believe that 6-7 Star tankless gas continuous flow instantaneous hot water systems are the best hot water system, especially based on the affordable initial investment.

Star ratings encapsulate both a start-up heat up factor for each appliance and combustion efficiency. As a result, combustion efficiency for each star rating can vary a bit. However, if we look at combustion efficiency in isolation, it does make it a bit easier to understand what it all means.

The following are all approximate but will give you a good idea of improved energy efficiency to expect based on the star rating you choose:

4 Star = 73%

5 Star = 80%

6 Star = 87%

7 Star = 94%

Health & Safety
A tankless gas continuous flow hot water system is best at prevention of bacterial growth, as there is no stored water in which bacteria can breed. Tankless gas hot water systems can also be set at 50ºC, so the risk of scalding is greatly reduced without the need of a tempering valve.

What Size Hot Water System Do I Need?

Buying a system that’s too big for your needs is a waste of money. Firstly, work out the number of people in your household and when they use hot water, then ask yourself a few questions.

  • Does everyone take showers at the same general time of day?
  • Do they take showers simultaneously in different bathrooms?
  • Do some prefer baths? Is the bath or spa oversized?
  • What type of showerheads are installed?
  • Do you run the washing machine, using hot or warm water, while people are showering?
  •  Is your dishwasher connected to the cold or hot water? If hot, do you use it while hot water is being used elsewhere?
Showers Are the Key – Water Saving Shower Head

Showers use the most hot water in a home. People generally shower for 5 to 10 minutes. Assuming you have a 3 Star water saving shower head and you mix in some cold water with the hot, the typical hot water consumption would probably be in the 7 litres per minute range.

If you also assume an 8 minute shower, water saving shower head will consume about 56 litres of hot water per shower or a family of four would consume 224 litres.

The use of WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) 3 star rated water saving shower head is an important factor in saving water and energy whilst reducing the size and cost of the hot water system required.

Tankless Hot Water Example

For a tankless continuous flow unit, it would depend on how many showers are being used simultaneously. If it’s two showers, then you only need a unit with a minimum flow rate of 14L/min. If you have 3 people showering at exactly the same time, you would need a minimum 21L/min. This assumes you aren’t using other hot water devices simultaneously.

Tankless gas continuous flow instantaneous hot water systems are the best, as recovery time is not an issue with continuous flow units, so even a large family with guests would not run out of hot water.


How long do instantaneous gas hot water systems last?

These sustainable systems can last for a lifetime of unlimited hot water. They are uncomplicated, easy to operate, and cost-effective for families and businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of instantaneous gas hot water system?

There are lots of benefits of instantaneous gas hot water for your home, including:

  • Instant hot water
  • Zero water wasted while waiting for it to heat up
  • No water storage cylinder required
  • Never ending supply of hot water for busy households and businesses
  • Can work with natural gas or LPG
  • Less expensive than other hot water systems

What is the difference between an instantaneous gas water heater and a storage gas hot water system?

Instantaneous gas hot water systems consist of a small suitcase-sized unit attached to an external wall of your home. Indoor water cylinders are required for storage gas hot water systems.

If you are moving into a new home or want to switch suppliers for a better deal, speak to an expert Elgas assistant about your specific energy needs, and we will find the best available gas hot water service and price for you.

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