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LPG Gas Fires - Gas Bottle Fireplace: Home Gas Fireplace Heater

LPG gas fires are gas fireplaces fueled by bottled gas. LPG gas fires or gas log fires are a great addition to any home and installing one is easier than you think.

Why Install an LPG Gas Fireplace?

Rinnai Reflection Gas Fireplace

LPG gas fires are that rare combination of beauty and practicality. There is nothing like the ambiance created by a home LPG gas fire. 

It adds life and warmth to any room. 
At the same time, gas fireplaces are a practical way to heat your living space. 
They are energy efficient and can quickly, and beautifully, warm your home.

LPG Gas Fires are Easy to Install

Some people shy away from adding an LPG gas fire because they think that it would be difficult to install. 

In fact, it can be quite simple. 
Gas fitters do the installation and the project can often be done in a single day. 

Three Types of Installations

There are three general types of gas fireplace, as defined by the method of installation:

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Rinnai Slimfire 252 Gas FireplaceGas fireplace inserts are designed and sized to fit into an existing fireplace opening. 
They may also be the correct size to replace old inbuilt space heaters. 
This eliminates the cost of any additional work. 
No flue is required if you have a sound masonry fireplaces or you can run a metal flue inside of an older masonry chimney. 
Either method helps reduce installation costs. 

Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Cannon Canterbury freestanding gas log fire heaterFreestanding gas fireplaces are also easy to install. 
As the name implies, they stand alone, separate from the wall. 
Your gas fitter simply runs a metal flue through the ceiling and roof.

Inbuilt Gas Fireplaces

Rinnai 752 gas fireplaceFor the new home builder or slightly more ambitious remodeller, there are inbuilt gas fireplaces
The inbuilt option is the way to go if you want a wider profile gas fireplace. 
This does require a bit of timber and plasterboard, to build out the wall, but the results are well worth it. 
The fireplace and flue are enclosed within the new wall structure. 
Some models are available with zero clearance options, so the amount of space used can be kept to a minimum

Features & OptionsRinnai remote control

Available features include thermostats, programmable timers, remote controls, multi-speed fans, electronic ignition, double glazing, child locks, mesh safety guards and powered flues.

You choose the gas fireplace or gas log fire model with the features that are right for you!

Add a stylish mantel, to crown the project, and your home will have a new centrepiece taking pride of place for you to enjoy.


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