LPG Gas Welcome Package for New LPG Customers
New LPG customers get $80 of gas credits

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We take care of everything, including the return of any bottles you may currently have. 

There Are Three Simple Steps:

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2. We provide fast delivery of full LPG gas bottles and handle the return of your old bottles.

3. You sit back and relax while we handle everything. 

Plus, you get $80 worth of LPG account credits.


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New Customers Get $80 Worth of LPG Gas Account Credits

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LPG bottled gas suppliers for your home with automatic tanker delivery or LPG gas bottle exchange.

LPG automatic tanker delivery

No checking or ordering gas bottles with Automatic Tanker Delivery

Support for New Users of Home LPG

Award Winning Service based on verified results

No Contract To Sign!  You'll stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

Mobile Gas Check Alerts™.  Never forget to check your gas bottles

Convenient 24/7 Online Services for orders, payments and account information

Over 40 Local Branches with friendly local staff to help you

No overseas call centres

Reliable Delivery with over 400 tankers & delivery trucks.  Australia's largest LPG fleet



Welcome Package is automatically applied to your account when you signup online.
$80 of credits are applied at $10 per 45kg exchange cylinder or $10 per tanker refill.
Welcome Package is available in areas serviced by company branches and agents, so available in most areas. Not available in areas serviced by distributors.

Get $80 of LPG Gas Credits

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