Braemar gas space heaters & gas wall furnace heaters

Gas wall heaters Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Australia wide with great gas wall furnace heaters for sale prices…

Braemar Gas Wall Furnace Heaters Vented & Gas Wall Furnace Heaters in LPG & NG

Braemar offers great Australian made gas wall heaters for sale vented of emissions by a powered flue. Gas wall furnace heaters also have output heat vents in the two adjoining rooms, all with great gas wall furnace heaters prices.

Australian Quality & Value Gas Wall Furnace Heaters

Braemar gas space heaters and gas wall furnace heaters combine high quality & exceptional value. Braemar makes some of the best gas wall furnace heaters for sale on the market

Braemar gas wall furnace heaters has been keeping Australian homes wonderfully warm for over 50 years!

Natural Gas Wall Furnace Heaters Prices - LPG Gas Wall Furnace Heaters Prices

Gas wall furnace heaters pricesGas wall furnace heaters prices are competitive with other flued gas heaters for sale. Gas wall furnace heaters are flued gas heaters that are built into the wall.  

They frequently have heat output vents on both the visible side and the wall of the adjacent room, with the vent just passing through the wall.

Most models are available in either natural gas or LPG bottled gas.

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 LPG and Natural Gas models available

Gas Wall Heaters Vented - Our Braemar gas heater range includes:

Gas wall heaters for sale vented on two sides for two rooms. Heater combustion gases are also wall vented to the outside, with a flue.

Braemar Eco-Superstar SH18 Gas Space Heater  
25Mj power flued gas heater with a 4.8 Star Rating
25Mj power flued gas wall furnace heater with a 4.8 Star Rating


 Gas Wall Furnace Heaters

Gas wall furnace heaters for sale typically include:

Braemar Eco-Superstar SH25 Gas Space Heater

  • Available in LPG and natural gas models

  • Overheat safety switches

  • Thermostat controlled temperature

  • Control system with self-diagnostics

  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinet

  • Dual gas rates

  • Child lock

  • Choice of inbuilt or console models

  • Power flue design for zero indoor emissions

  • Dual speed fan

  • Electronic gas ignition

  • Electronic flame sensorBraemar Eco-Superstar WF25 Gas Wall Furnace Heater

  • 2-Year Braemar Warranty - 10 years on heat exchange

  • SA & VIC Compliant

  • Great Braemar Gas Wall Furnace Heater & Space Heater Prices

Optional Features:

Remote control with 7-day programmable timer

Rear register kit for heating an adjacent second room

Replacement Models

Braemar WF25 gas wall furnace heaters for sale are perfect for the replacement of 

existing wall furnaces, including the following models:

Braemar D45/D55 (In-fill panel kit 085135 required)

Braemar D11/D12

Vulcan Quasar  (In-fill panel kit 085135 required)

Vulcan Series 20/22Braemar remote control for SH25 & WF25

IXL 10862

Convair Finesse Range

Please note: Additional flue kits may be required for some installations.
Console installations of SH25 & WF25 require a console and flue kit.
Not suitable for direct replacement of fully-recessed models installed into double-brick walls.

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Now you can compare gas wall furnace heaters prices for all the major brands of indoor gas heaters for sale including:

 Braemar, Everdure, Paloma, Cannon and Rinnai gas heater

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