LPG Tank: LPG Tank Sizes – LPG Gas Tank Sizes – Propane Tank Sizes

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Get all the facts on LPG gas storage from gas bottles and tanks to massive spheres and multi-tonne underground storage...

LPG Tank: LPG Tank Sizes – LPG Gas Tank Sizes – Propane Tank Sizes

Our standard LPG tank sizes are 45kg, 90kg or 210kg. An LPG tank (propane tank) or LPG storage tanks is made from welded steel and is designed for the the required pressures and heat expansion of the stored hydrocarbon gases, including propane and butane. LPG tanks are frequently seen at petrol stations for LPG Autogas storage.

LPG tanks and storage vessels include everything from small BBQ gas bottles to LPG cylinders, LPG tanks (propane tanks), LPG bullet tanks and up to giant Horton Spheres.

LPG –  Propane Tank Sizes Chart

LPG Tank Sizes – Fuel Tank Weight:

LPG Tank Capacity (tonnes)

LPG Tank Sizes:

Diameter (mm)

LPG Tank Sizes:

Length (mm)

LPG Tank Sizes:

Capacity (L)

0.5 tonne LPG Tank 915mm 2250mm 980 litres
1 tonne LPG Tank 1065mm 2690mm 1960 litres
2 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 3920mm 3920 litres
2.5 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 5940mm 4900 litres
3 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 7960mm 5880 litres








LPG tank sizes (propane tank sizes) shown are indicative. Actual LPG gas tank sizes can vary.
Extremely large LPG tank sizes (propane tank sizes) are also available.

What is the Difference Between an Industrial LPG Cylinder and a Domestic LPG Cylinder

There is no difference in the gas provided to industrial and domestic users. The rate of use means that more liquid LPG needs to be vaporized and that typically means a larger vessel (tank).

Residential LPG gas bottles and industrial LPG cylinders are identical with the exception of the applications.

LPG Tanks Sizes – Propane Tank Sizes – LPG Gas Tank Sizes – LPG Storage Tank Sizes

The most common LPG storage tank sizes are 45kg gas bottles, followed by 90 kg gas bottle and 210kg LPG storage tank sizes. Half tonne and one tonne LPG storage tank sizes would be common for large country properties and farms, as well as smaller commercial enterprises.

Our standard LPG tank sizes range from 0.5 tonnes all the way up to 50 tonnes and larger LPG storage tank sizes. LPG tanks come in various LPG tank sizes (propane tank sizes) for use in LPG bulk storage.  LPG cylinders are used for lesser storage.  A good conversion rate to remember for cylinder capacity is that 1 kilogram is approximately equal to 1.96 litre of LPG.

LPG gas storage comes in a range of sizes. LPG gas storage vessels start from small to mammoth including:
● Forklift Gas Bottles – Cylinders
● Large Gas Bottles – Cylinders
● Large Gas Tanks – Bullets
● Storage in LPG Intermodal ISO Tank Containers
● Mounded LPG Tanks – Bullets
● LPG Storage Spheres – Horton Spheres
● Underground Propane Storage Caverns

Propane Forklift Gas Bottles – Cylinders

The gas for forklifts is stored in two different size LPG cylinders. They are also made from both steel and aluminium. There are 15kg aluminium and 18kg steel forklift gas cylinders.


Forklift LPG Bottles

Large Propane Bottles – Cylinders

LPG – Propane 45kg gas bottles – also called 45kg gas cylinders – are the most popular gas bottles sizes for homes and small businesses. 45kg LPG gas bottles can be exchanged or refilled onsite via Propane tanker trucks. A typical installation is comprised of two 45kg gas bottles. This is so you can switch bottles while awaiting an exchange or refill of the empty.

There are also 90kg, 190kg and 210kg size cylinders, for heavier use. These larger cylinders are always filled via Propane tanker trucks, as they are too larger to be exchanged in a practical manner.


45kg LPG

Large Propane Gas Storage Tanks – Propane Bullets

Propane gas bulk storage tank sizes for various application solutions. These are sometimes called “LPG Bullets”, “Propane Bullets” or just “Bullets”. These Propane tanks are for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Whilst vertical installation is possible, the vast majority of bullets are horizontal installations. LPG tanks range in size from ½ tonne to 40 tonnes and larger.

Large LPG Bullet

Intermodal ISO LPG Tank Containers

ISO LPG tank containers are Propane gas storage vessels mounted within a standardised framework. The standardised framework is built to ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards, just like a standard (closed steel box) shipping container. Typical LPG ISO tank sizing is 6.05m (20ft) long, 2.4m wide and 2.55m high, although other sizes also exist, including 12.2m (40ft) versions. Capacity of the 6m ISO LPG tank is 24,000-25,000 litres or around 12 tonnes of Propane. A tank container is built to the ISO standards to be “intermodal”, making it suitable for different modes of transportation and stackable. These containers can be used for transport by ship, rail or truck, being transferred between them without unloading/reloading the Propane cargo.

LPG Intermodal ISO Tank

Mounded Tanks – Bullets

Placing large Propane gas storage tanks or bullets under mounded earth provides enhanced fire safety. The mounding provides protection from any nearby fires, vandalism and sabotage. The bullets are buried horizontally. Some of the largest can be up to 7m in diameter and 70m or more in length. Mounded bullets allow storage of huge quantities of Propane in a single location.


Mounded LPG Tank

Propane Gas Storage Spheres – Horton Spheres

A storage sphere is a very efficient and cost effective way to store Propane. Spheres require less steel than a cylinder to hold the same quantity of Propane. Spheres are also a good shape for pressure vessels, as they distribute the stress evenly. Horton spheres also need less land to store the same quantity of Propane, versus bullets. In addition, they help minimise the cost of piping and foundations, as they hold more in a single pressure vessel. The Hortonsphere® is named after Horace Ebenezer Horton, builder of the first spherical pressure vessels, back in 1923.

LPG Storage Sphere

Underground Propane Gas Storage Caverns

Why would we have propane gas storage underground? Underground storage is a cost efficient way to store very large quantities of Propane. Unlike above ground tanks, there is no need for refrigeration and there is no finite life span for the project. The above ground plant and equipment is uncomplicated, requiring minimal maintenance. The gas is typically held within the cavern by hydrostatic water pressure in the surrounding stone. These facilities can incorporate a dedicated docking system to load and unload Propane ocean tankers. These can be as large as VLGC class ships of up to 45,000 tonnes. The docking system also loads smaller tankers for re-distribution to other facilities. The picture below was taken during the construction phase of the Elgas Cavern, in Sydney.

Elgas Botany Bay Cavern

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