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 Swap any 9kg* or 4kg* BBQ gas bottle at your local SWAP'n'GO® outlet:

♦  SWAP'n'GO is fast!  No waiting in long warehouse lines or long hikes from distant parking

♦  SWAP'n'GO is local!  No wasted time or petrol driving out of your way

♦  Help is at the ready!  No hunting for someone to help

♦  4kg bottles with regular & Camper Valves

♦  No waiting to have your gas bottle refilled

♦  Swap for a fresh gas bottle every time

♦  The 4kg or 9kg gas bottle is yours to keep

♦  Thousands of outlets, city and country

♦  Swap any brand of BBQ bottle at SWAP'n'GO.

♦  Receive an inspected, tested and safely filled gas bottle.  See How to SWAP'n'GO

♦  You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP'n'GO gas bottles are always in date.

♦   SSSSSSSee our BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes page for 4kg & 9kg gas bottle size information          

♦  SWAP'n'GO complies with all Australian Standards for Caravan Gas Bottles

*Actual fill of a "9kg" gas bottle is 8.5kg.  Actual fill of a "4kg" gas bottle is 3.7kg

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Award Winning SWAP’n’GO GREEN Gas Bottles

SWAP'n'GO GREEN® was awarded the prestigeous Australian International Design Award for its revolutionary design and features including:


♦  LIGHTER WEIGHT than a typical steel cylinder

♦  EASY TO CARRY with comfortable twin handles

♦  RUST FREE coastal friendly exterior

♦  STRONG composite reinforced construction with steel inner liner

♦  DURABLE impact resistant outer shell

♦  IMPROVED SAFETY with a valve that will not allow the release of gas unless a regulator is attached


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45 Great BBQ Recipes  


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