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You need to keep your customers and employees warm

Cafés, clubs and pubs can rely on Stargas to supply all of their heating equipment and gas requirements.


Outdoor Patio Heaters

Patio heaters (area radiant heaters) are perfect for outdoor heating in the hospitality industry.

Many restaurants, cafes, hotels and pubs rely on LPG heaters.

Commercial enterprises also use them for employee work and break areas.

These heaters can warm an area of approximately 28m2 in a 360° radius.



Directional Panel Heaters

Directional panel heaters (also known as radiant heaters) are great for providing warmth in a specific area.

Panel heaters rely on infrared radiation to heat objects, people and surfaces.

They are ideal in open areas with high ceilings and in locations where chill temperatures need to be eliminated.

They can be wall mounted or positioned on an optional heater stand.

Stargas can provide various sizes of panel heaters to suite tour needs.



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Blower Heaters

Blower heaters (convection heaters) are typically used in various industrial, agricultural, commercial and construction applications.

They are very reliable and cost effective.

Utilisation in workplaces such as warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, transport terminals, breeding sheds and greenhouses is common.

They can also be used for drying and curing materials in the building, agricultural and other industries.

In many instances, convection and radiant systems are used in tandem to create an efficient form of total space heating.

Your Stargas representative is the person best qualified to assess your space heating needs and recommend the appropriate system.



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