Environmental Monitoring Data

LPG bottled gas from Elgas

Environmental Monitoring Data

Environmental Monitoring Data – Introduction

Thank you for taking a look at Elgas’ environmental monitoring data. Our licensed facilities are located in Port Botany and Arndell Park, NSW. Elgas Ltd is owned by BOC Gases Australia, which makes Elgas a member of The Linde Group. Our plants are located at:

  • Elgas Sydney LPG Cavern: 30 Friendship Road Port Botany NSW 2036

  • Elgas Arndell Park: 22 Holbeche Road Arndell Park NSW 2148

The Elgas Sydney Cavern is licensed with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under licence number 10698, and Elgas Arndell Park is licensed under number 20023. If you would like to view our full licences, please follow the EPA links below.

Elgas Port Botany EPL 10698:


Elgas Arndell Park EPL 20023:


Based on requirements set out in the EPL, our Elgas Port Botany site is to monitor the following:

  • Water Quality at Monitoring Point 4 monthly;

  • Total water flow volume monitoring at Point 3 annually; and

  • Water Quality and Discharge Volume at Monitoring Point 2 during an overflow event, if this occurs.

Based on requirements set out in the EPL, our Elgas Arndell Park does not have monitoring required to be published.

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Environmental Monitoring Data