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Online Capability

As with all modern product and service suppliers, you should expect to have full online access and interaction with your LPG supplier.  You should be able to order online and receive a real-time confirmation number, not just an automated email.   Online credit card payments should be through a secure server and you should be able to access all of your account details whenever you need them.  Telephone keypad ordering and SMS (Text) LPG orders are also handy.

Here's what a few customers had to say:

From M.W.* in NSW:  "Just wanted to let you know that of all my online accounts (phone, power, banking, shopping...the list could go on and on) elgas.com.au is the easiest and quickest to use by a long, long, long way. I can always locate the info or service I need in one or two clicks. Thanks Elgas!"     (*Letter on file)

From L.H.* in WA: "Dear Elgas folk. I receive my bills by email, downloaded the latest one, and lost it. So I went onto your website today, for the first time ever. It is SO good, SO user friendly, and so attractively presented, that I just had to compliment you. Other merchants should take a copy out of your book. Well done and thank you."     (*Letter on file)

From R.S in NZ: "Thank you for another year of great service.
The telephone order system is so quick and easy, and the replacement bottle always appears within a few days of ordering. No hassle, no fuss...!
(*Letter on file)