Homeowners Abandoning Natural Gas

The gas world has been turned upside down, with people abandoning natural gas and choosing to go with LPG. Whilst it may sound pretty unbelievable, the reasoning is simple - they are saving money.

For many years, people switched from LPG to natural gas as soon as it becane available on their street. The assumption was that using natural gas was always less expensive than bottled gas.

The new reality:
With the new higher natural gas tariffs and fees, this is frequently untrue.

You can find out for yourself with the Natural Gas vs LPG Calculator. Go to Savings Calculator


Comparing Natural Gas and LPG

The New Natural Gas Reality

The price of natural gas been climbing whilst LPG has remained relatively stable.

The culprit in many cases is the "Daily Supply Charge"

The daily supply charge is a charge that applies for supplying gas to your premises for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much gas you use.

It does not include the gas, which is an additional charge.

The New LPG Reality

One bottle of LPG typically lasts more than a year when used just for food preparation.

The LPG service charge (sometimes called rental) for a 45kg gas bottle is typically between $35 and $45 per year, a huge 90% savings compared to a $446 natural gas supply charge.

The cost of the LPG gas is very competitive with the nre higher natural gas tariffs.



LPG savings calculator

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