SWAP’n’GO BBQ Gas Bottle Exchange

No waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station

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SWAP’n’GO • The Safe Choice for BBQ Gas Bottle Exchange

Bring your 9kg BBQ gas bottle to SWAP’n’GO or fast, safe and convenient BBQ gas bottle exchange
SWAP’n’GO has a safety record second to none.

Why Use SWAP’n’GO? SWAP’n’GO is Fast, Safe & Easy

When you swap for your BBQ gas bottle refill you don’t have to worry about:

• When it was last checked to ensure it is safe and if it is still in date.

• Whether it has been filled correctly.

At SWAP’n’GO® we pride ourselves on our BBQ gas bottle exchange quality.

All BBQ gas bottle refills (patio gas bottle) are either new or safety checked and refurbished by fully trained technicians.

Every SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refill is precision filled and leak tested.

Look out for the yellow SWAP’n’GO seal on the neck of the BBQ gas bottle which indicates that it has been quality checked and filled to safe industry standards.


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SWAP’n’GO is quick and easy, too

• No waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station

• Swap for a fresh SWAP’n’GO gas bottle exchange every time

• You own the BBQ gas bottle refill (patio gas bottle) you receive

• Hundreds of outlets, city and country.

You can swap any brand of BBQ gas bottle at SWAP’n’GO. In return you’ll receive an inspected, tested and safely filled bottle.

Once you have a SWAP’n’GO® BBQ gas bottle exchange (swap & go gas) you don’t have to worry about checking test dates when you swap, as it will always be in date.

Please see our BBQ LPG Gas Bottle Sizes (gas cylinder sizes) page for size information on 9kg and 4kg BBQ gas bottle refills


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¹NOTE: SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refills (patio gas bottle) are sold by independent dealers who set there own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices.

Please see SWAP’n’GO Prices for information on SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill prices.